what is your goal in life - Why do you not achieve your goals in life?

what would I do to achieve my goals in life

Have you ever thought about your personal effectiveness? How many plans do you have, how many were there, and how many of them have you implemented? The same question applies to goals, desires, and anything that requires a little effort.

what would I do to achieve my goals in life

Out of 100% of what is planned and desired, most people achieve a maximum of 5%. More often, they drop everything at some stage and generally go in a different direction.

Why we don't reach your goals

Modern man is extremely important lazy creature. He thinks it's better to think than to act. Too many times to think — until the desire to act does not disappear due to some supposedly explicable reasons. Even there is a saying: "measure 7 times – cut one off". Of course, in some cases, this proverb can really guide you on the right path: sometimes you need to think carefully before you do something.

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But this is more suitable for sappers, and then not always. That is, it applies only to those processes that entail a certain risk.

what is your goal in life

What can I say about your plans, dreams, and desires? There is usually no risk per se. You choose a direction, a path that will make you a happy person, and start moving along it. You seem to just move on, and your life begins to change rapidly.

make good choices - Will we finally make a choice?

A person who does not stand lost at the crossroads, but boldly steps forward, choosing the direction that he likes best — does not overexert himself, does not worry so much, the choice has already been made, there is only one thing left to go. It is much more difficult to sit and stare into the distance, with your eyes full of sadness and your heart breaking.

According to most people, the easiest thing to do is sit and do nothing. Do not change your life, do not strive for anything, see everything that we do not have as unattainable. This, allegedly, is the fate of idlers. But here everything is much sadder.

what is your goal in life - Why do you not achieve your goals in life?

This is the fate of fools. After all, they have to exist every day according to rules that are not created by them. Every day, they need to adjust and put up with what is happening around them. And every day they have to endure these torments of the unattainable. And it is sad to state that life passes by or "hits the key on the head".

How do I get rid of this? How to fix your life?

Start small. Step. And then it will go on its own. And faster and faster. And you will get the most out of it.

Right from this moment, start living according to the principle of ZVS: Wanted - > got Up — > > Did>>. And your life will begin to be ordered, systematized, and you will purposefully go forward.

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