What motivates a person to act?

What motivates a person to act?

It is clear to everyone that it is not worth standing still, but rather moving forward, discovering new boundaries of the possible. And this is a perfectly correct principle, which nature itself dictates that we follow.

What motivates a person to act?

Today, our topic will be why a person begins to be lazy to do something, as well as what motivates them when they want to "roll mountains".

To begin with, as I have written several times, consciousness does not belong to a person to the extent that we are used to understanding it. Moreover, human consciousness is not something separate from the whole organism.

Therefore, if you notice that you do not act as usual in some situations or lose the desire for knowledge, then be sure that this is primarily an impact on your brain. If you have lost faith in yourself, then you should pay attention first of all to your nutrition.

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With a lack of vitamins, the human brain will begin to reduce the activity of some of its departments, because it does not benefit from spending a large amount of energy. The brain likes to save money.

For example, if a man stops consuming zinc, then his testosterone level can significantly "sink", which will undoubtedly affect the behavior of the man himself.

Also, do not forget that our body was formed for millennia in an environment when a man always had a second half. Its absence can play a big role in the development of various complexes and pathologies in men.

There are cases when seemingly healthy, strong and beautiful guys can not find a companion for some reason. Over time, they will feel for themselves all the problems that they have created for themselves by their unwillingness to act.

On the contrary, if a guy has a girlfriend, then he is almost always ready to turn mountains in order to provide for his family. This is always a very good sign, because it tells us that the individual is healthy.

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