Why don't your wishes come true?

 making a wish And how easy is it to remove all obstacles on the way to the goal?

We attract into our lives what we focus on most, what we think about most. People often wonder why their wishes are not fulfilled, why some unpleasant situations are repeated in their lives over and over again?

Although they do not realize that they are constantly concentrating on something completely different from their desire. But they go over it in their minds that they don't have it, that something is missing, that everything repeats itself and nothing changes.

making a wish And how easy is it to remove all obstacles on the way to the goal?

Thus, if you constantly think about what you want - it is sure to attract into your life. If you prefer to worry about what you don't want, then that's what you'll get as a result.

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Imagine that any goal or desire is a destination. And when you set a goal, you go on a journey from your current point A to your desired point B. for Example, from illness to health, from an unloved job with an average salary to a favorite job in happiness, success and large income, or just from an old hanging laptop to a new fast and powerful Macbook.

And every thought in your head can either bring you closer or remove you from your goal. With our thoughts and emotional States here and now, we program our future. For example, if we want a new powerful laptop, but we will constantly pay attention to the fact that we now have a slow, old and bad computer...complain to friends, wail and get upset about it. 

Day after day in our lives, it is the old and slow laptop that causes you such emotions that will manifest itself.

And even if you decide with this attitude to physically change the laptop to a good one...either you sell is defective, or breaks, or lack of funds to buy it...and all to bring into your life those thoughts and feelings that you tune constantly. Which you broadcast daily to a world that is only a mirror reflecting you.

And nothing will change until you shift your focus to thinking about what you want (a step forward to your destination-goal), rather than its absence and long thoughts about how bad you feel without it (a step back).

That is, daily tuning (once I remember the moment focus on what is desired already exists in your life and most feel joy and happiness from this fact) that you have a great, fast, powerful and the most favourable to you all the characteristics of a laptop . 

making a wish And how easy is it to remove all obstacles on the way to the goal?

And at the same time, stop paying attention to the lack of something and get upset with the current state of your device-after all, this is just a consequence of your past thoughts (this way you eliminate unnecessary steps back from your goal...due to which there are rollbacks and delays in the execution of the desired).

And then in the shortest possible time (time depends on the amount of free energy in you, which can be increased by physical exercise, walking in nature, energy practices, getting rid of bad habits and heavy food, which takes an incredible amount of energy to digest), your goal - desire will come true in your life.

making a wish And how easy is it to remove all obstacles on the way to the goal?

Nothing ever happens without your mental permission. When you realize that you are getting exactly what you think you are getting. You will be able to fully control all the events that occur in your life and predict your future with 100% accuracy. Everything you really want can be implemented easily and quickly.

Go ahead, you will succeed! I found out;

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Sunny mood to you!

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