How to make weight loss and muscle building permanent

 How to make weight loss and muscle building permanent

Mostly all of us know how to lose weight, we have read multiple articles, watched countless shows on television of how to lose weight and heard many a couch tell us how to train for best results. Yet we almost always fail. We’ve tried everything from getting a friend to help us reach our goals and to using will power to make us go to gym.

How to make weight loss and muscle building permanent

The problem is not the lack of knowledge; we know exactly what to do and how to do it and even make brilliant plans to achieve our goals.

 The problem however is that we don’t know how to make ourselves take action. Without action your brilliant plans and knowledge will never help. How many people that struggle with weight and are overweight are gurus when it comes to healthy eating and exercise yet cannot reflect what they know?

So how do we get ourselves to do what we know will give us results?

How to form a bodybuilding habit the answer lies partly in our subconscious functions by means of habits. Have you ever tried giving up coffee or smoking? No matter how good your plans and how much will power you use, you always tend to go back to old habits. Or how many times have you made a great plan to get your butt into gym and continued to put it off until you feel “ready”.

According to scientists it takes about 21-30 days of continues activity before something becomes a habit. Ask any person that goes to gym regularly how they feel when they skip out on an exercise and they will tell you that they start to feel guilty. This is because their subconscious has made this a habit and not doing it feels wrong. If you can get yourself to form what you want to do as a habit you will naturally want to do it and this is where the trick is.

Yet the question remains, how? How do I form a habit? We are all human and humans tend to be lazy. This is the main reason why we don’t start that plan. It’s an effort! We’d much rather do something else. So in order to start a habit you need to make it EASY for yourself to do what you need to and make it HARD to stop what you like doing.

So as an example, let’s say you want to stop eating junk food. How would you go about that normally? You would try and talk yourself out of it right? This requires great effort and your desire for the food always wins.

How to make weight loss and muscle building permanent

The trick is to remove the food from your house. Now when you go to the fridge, what’s more of an effort? Grabbing the apple or going to the store to buy ice cream. Because going to the store is much more of an effort you won’t be tempted by it and go for the easier route.

The same can be applied to anything. Trying to quit watching TV, remove the batteries and place them in a locked chest. Now it’s a lot of effort to watch TV and you will find something else to do.

Getting yourself to form a habit that is hard

Now let’s look at not avoiding something, but doing something such as exercise. For most people getting up first thing in the morning and going to gym is such effort, no matter how hard you try it’s not going to happen.

How can you make this easier for yourself? Well you can go to bed in your gym clothes, set the keys ready for your car, or even get an automatic coffee machine to grab and go. Suddenly it becomes easier and will be easier to get yourself to do it. Now if you can just hold on for 21 – 30 days it will become and habit and you will finally see results!

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