0 Do women like bodybuilders?

 Do women like bodybuilders?

A lot of guys start out bodybuilding for the very reason to find their dream girl one day. But do women actually like bodybuilders? Do they like it when their guy spends a lot of time in the gym and do they like big bulky muscles on a guy?

Do women like bodybuilders?

Women’s attraction to the male physique

Many studies have been done and many women have been asked what exactly they like in a man. It has actually been found that most women do not really care what a guy looks like; it’s about what is in the inside that counts. However all women are different. Just like some men like skinny women and other like fuller or fitter women over even smart women. The same is true with women. So yes you do get women that are crazy about bodybuilders. And this is exactly the women you want to find, one that loves you because of who you are.  Generally these women themselves are into fitness which is a great plus, because you do want to share interests after all.

What do women love in bodybuilders?

As we’ve seen women do not put major focus on the way a guy looks. But looks is not everything for a bodybuilder. You did not get into bodybuilding just to find women and look good. This is only an added benefit. You probably got into bodybuilding because you care about your health. You want to look the best you can for yourself. You love to improve yourself and be the best person you can be. You want to make a success of yourself.

The good news is women can see these personality traits and this is the biggest factor that makes them fall for you.

What personality traits do bodybuilders have that women like?

As a bodybuilder you build massive amounts of confidence. Women are very attracted to confident men. These men know what they want and they know how to provide. Bodybuilders are disciplined, determined to be successful, have great time management skills and happier because they are in control of their lives. Just make sure you show a lot of interest in your women and give her enough of your time.

There are many women out there that love bodybuilders. If your goal is to be a successful bodybuilder, then you will also find the perfect women for you along the road. Stay positive and stick with your dreams. Be who you are and it will happen.

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