5 Lies Of Bodybuilding!

 5 bodybuilding lies we hear the most

5 Lies Of Bodybuilding!
Bodybuilding Lies That Won't Die

As with any thing we do in life there are many phonies out there that provide you with the wrong information, what’s worse is most of these are just TV stunts that make you want to buy their product. How many times have you seen the TV adverts that tell you a machine can make you lose weight in 7 days – clearly this is a big fat lie.

interesting bodybuilding lies we hear so often:

1 - Doing hundreds of sit-ups a day you will get washboard abs and a slim physique bodybuilding sit ups: 

This is the most famous lie out there, sure you will work out your abs and they might get stronger, but in the process you can damage your neck when doing it wrong and you will not shred a single pound of fat. What’s the use in doing hundreds of crunches when you won’t even see the results? The real way to lose fat around the abdomen area is to eat fewer calories than your body needs. If you look closely at those TV adds you will always see a hidden “Effective with a well balanced diet” hiding at the bottom of the screen – and that is the truth.

2 - Doing high repetitions while working out with weights will make your muscles hard and give it a nice cut shape:

The only way to really build muscle is to stimulate your muscles by forcing it to grow. You can do this by doing 4-6 reps maximum of a heavy weight only. Doing high repetitions will not make your muscle hard or cut; people get fooled because they feel the burn or the pump. The burning feeling is only lactic acid build-up in the muscle and you can get the same effect when squeezing a stress ball all day. The pump feeling is only felt because your muscles get full of blood; it does not help build muscle.

5 Lies Of Bodybuilding!
interesting bodybuilding lies we hear so often

Again the only way to cut down fat around the muscle is to eat fewer calories. So to get the hard cut look, build your muscles by using heavy weights and eat correct and then only will you see results.

3 - If you stop working out your muscle will turn into fat:

This is something we always hear from someone that does not like bodybuilding at all or is scared of it. When you tell them that you want to do bodybuilding, this is what comes out of their mouth – “My grandpa did bodybuilding and now he is just a rolling ball of goo” This can’t be farther from the truth, muscles is a completely different tissue than fat. You can only gain fat by eating too much, and when you stop working out your muscles will start to shrink – they CANNOT turn into fat, it’s impossible.

4 - You will only grow muscles if you work your complete body each day

Unfortunately so many people believe this lie. I see so many people in the gym working out for hours just to work on each muscle group. Sure they gain muscle, but it’s going to take them a very long time. The fastest way to build muscle is to train only one muscle group per week and not train longer than 45 minutes a day. This has been proven scientifically. Your muscles need recovery; they grow by healing the broken tissue making it bigger. When you never get rest your muscle won’t recover and they will keep on breaking.

overtraining symptoms

5 - Someone with a great physique and massive muscles must know everything about bodybuilding:

Most people believe that bodybuilders must know a heck of a lot about bodybuilding. This is not always the truth. Many of them are just blessed with genes and they themselves cannot tell you how they got there. A lot of them even cheated by just taking steroids and are unknowingly damaging their health.

How important is posture when exercising?

The truth is that it does not matter how big you are, you cannot always tell who knows the most. Most probably the guy who knows the most about bodybuilding can be just as average looking as anyone else.

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