5 Small Words That Cause Big Failure

 5 Small Words That Cause Big Failure

Small Words That Cause Big Failure

I’m in the dreams business. I talk dreams, help people walk their dreams, and I eat motivation and enthusiasm for breakfast.

After about 2 years of writing my blog, I see that people can get derailed on something that is seemingly small to me. I realize I can keep going when others get stuck, and the converse is the same based on the situation. Things that may not cause you trouble may derail me. A few things though come with having to defend your dreams to others and not arming yourself against the doubts in their mind – and the doubts in your own mind.

Small Words That Cause Big Failure

Doubt and fear are like weeds. Once the seed of a negative thought is planted, it takes alot of work to uproot the problem. A casual doubt word said by the right person can do major damage to your emotions and cause you to lose time. Once you recognize certain patterns then you can avoid letting these small thoughts turn into a big problem for you later.

1 - TOO

How many times has someone asked if you’re too old to pursue a certain goal, like going back to school, getting married or starting your own business? You can’t possibly make the necessary sacrifices, because a person at your age is beyond it…right? Or have you been told you’re too young and too inexperienced to follow your dream? Maybe you’re too big to be a model, too broke to invest in yourself or too experienced in your career to switch now.

Thing is, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. That’s all these thoughts are really, someone else’s opinion of you. What does their opinion matter? After people give you their input they rarely think about you again, so don’t take their opinion to heart and let their words negatively affect you.

2 - BUT

It’s interesting when you share your goal with someone and they say “oh I always wanted to do that, BUT I never did”. After you hear that from various people, over and over, your faith in your own abilities starts to slip. And this doubt word doesn’t have anything to do with you. Whatever reason someone else didn’t pursue their dreams, that has nothing to do with you. Their story doesn’t have to be your story.

3 - SOON

You’ll find the money to go back to school… as soon as you buy a house. Or you’ll find the time to learn those new skills… as soon as True Blood goes off. Delaying the start of your goals is the fastest way to kill them. Soon is never soon enough, and the longer you wait the less likely you are to make things happen. There’ll never be a perfect time, you’ll never have every single thing you need and you’ll never know everything you need to know.

Small Words That Cause Big Failure

Just put one foot in front of the other and start. You’ll learn everything you need to know, gain every resource you need and determine what you really want once you start down the path. Holding yourself back on the sidelines won’t accomplish anything – except keeping the path to success clear for someone who won’t wait.

4 - SO

Have you ever been excited to share your progress with a friend or loved one and their response was ‘so’? Indifference kills your burning desire to attain your goal and your hope for a favorable outcome. Don’t let other people make you feel like what you’re doing doesn’t matter. The only person you have to please is yourself, and the goals you choose have meaning because you give them meaning. If another person doesn’t see the point, isn’t excited for you or questions your choices, let them. Just brush it off like dirt on your shoulder and keep on moving forward.

5 - IF

In my opinion this is the worst doubt word on this list. You can get around what others say, but it’s hardest to deal with the doubts circling your own mind. “If I make it”, “God willing”, “hopefully one day soon”… all are ways in which you express your underlying belief that things won’t work out for you. This one small doubt word is harmful because there’s no room for doubt on your path to achievement. You need to develop a rock solid faith that you’ll get there, and move steadily toward the finish line.

Have you noticed other words of doubt come up when you’re discussing your goals? Share them with us in the comment section.

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