Always making excuses to work out and eat correctly

 Always making excuses to work out and eat correctly

Always making excuses to work out and eat correctly

Excuses excuses excuses! Don’t you just hate them? They will ruin your life, ruin you progress and stop you living a happy life yet we make them every day and we even justify it.  Well you can continue making excuses to work out and eat correctly or you can do something about it.

Why do we make excuses to work out and keep a healthy diet?

Making excuses is a thing we have been doing all our lives. Some people have such little control over themselves that they tend to fail in everything they do without knowing why. The reason we make so many excuses is because of our subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind is our auto pilot and it can make decisions for us in split seconds. So when you walk past a sweets isle in a store your subconscious mind already starts to convince yourself that you need to have a sweet. Or when you just see a McDonald’s you start to feel hungry to have a greasy burger.

Now when we know we are doing something bad we even try to justify it. We do that by telling ourselves thing like:

Well I just spent a good 30 minutes running in gym, so I may have a burger now.

I’m so tired today I think I’ll just lie in and go tomorrow.

All my friends are eating pizza, so it would be rude not to have any.

I am rewarding myself, I earned it

How do control ourselves making excuses?

You need to become more aware of your inner thoughts. This might take some time to master, but you have to do it. Listen to what you tell yourself. Remember you are in control; do not let your mind control you. Your subconscious mind is going to try every trick in the book to win – do not let it.

You have to think rationally about your decisions. What will eating this burger do for me now and what will it do for me in the long run? Yes the burger might make you feel better right now, but will you fail yet again at keeping healthy and losing weight? You need to make the wise decision and not eat the burger. You will feel a lot better when you finally have the body you want.

Always making excuses to work out and eat correctly

Since it’s very hard in the beginning to control yourself, you will need to get the food out of your house that you do not want. The hardest battle is when you go to do groceries shopping. Do not buy food that you do not need. Never go shopping on an empty stomach. Eat before you go so you will not feel cravings towards unhealthy foods.

What about working out?

The same applies to working out; Change you environment. You need to find a friend that will drag you out of the house. You need to start convincing yourself that it’s good to go and that you have to go.

It will take some time to stop making excuses, but keep working on it. Start to listen to your thoughts. Mastering your awareness and thoughts will benefit you in all areas of life. This is the only way to take control of your mind and you life. Once you master this you will get the body you desire faster than you could have imagined!

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