Coffee and bodybuilding, beneficial or not?

 Coffee and bodybuilding, beneficial or not?

Oh coffee! We all love coffee don’t we? Millions of us drink it every day and we all grab for a cup first thing in the morning and that is not where it stops for most of us, we continue to drink it in massive quantities all day long. So what’s the deal? Is it beneficial for you or not? What benefits does it have for bodybuilding?

Benefits of drinking coffee

Coffee contains caffeine which is a stimulant that has the effect of making us awake and alert as it has your body releasing adrenaline. Studies have shown that taking a cup of coffee before working out can increase your performance and endurance by almost a third. Taking a cup before working out, muscles will use fat for energy reserves rather than glucose in the blood resulting in burning fat easier.

Harmful effects of drinking coffee

So if coffee has the effect of increasing our energy levels and having us workout harder what negative effects can there possibly be?  Quite allot actually. Long term, caffeine is very addictive and we all know most people do not stop at drinking only one cup of coffee. This is where most problems start to occur. As I have said earlier coffee has your body release adrenaline; however this can run havoc on your system as you start to become anxious and stressed out.  In my article Why won't my muscles grow I explain the effect stress has on your body.

Coffee and bodybuilding, beneficial or not?

When your body is under stress you release cortisol which breaks down muscle. Cortisol is also released due to a lack of sleep which decreases our testosterone levels to build muscle. The energy we get from drinking coffee wears down fast and we have to drink another cup to keep this energy up, creating a rollercoaster effect of leaving us feeling very tired in the end - disturbing our natural sleeping patterns.

Furthermore caffeine has a diuretic effect on our bodies making us urinate and sweat more. You don’t want to lose all your protein and supplements you took, do you? Your body needs a lot of fluids when you work out for optimal muscle growth, make sure you drink extra water when you drank some coffee.

As we can see coffee has more harmful effects than it does beneficial effects. If you don’t want to give up coffee that is your choice, but limit your intake to one to two cups per day. You could also skip that cup in the morning and keep it for before working out in order to get that benefit. However dropping caffeine completely will have you growing muscle faster and feeling more energized without the slump.

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