Constant change is needed for work out motivation

 Constant change is needed for work out motivation

Many people start to work out with full motivation, going religiously to the gym every day. They pump iron, eat correctly and make the effort daily. However somewhere along the line something goes wrong. One day you just don’t seem to have that motivation anymore. What happened?

How motivation works

Motivation is an extremely powerful emotion we get when we want to do something that really interests us at the moment. It’s the main driving force that gets us to succeed. Motivation at a basic level is a survival instinct we have. Back in the primal years humans mainly used motivation when they wanted to survive in the wild. Having to gather food when they go hungry or find water when thirsty.

Constant change is needed for work out motivation

Nowadays we find it harder to get natural motivation. Because we are trying to activate another level of motivation. Yes we still have very strong motivation when we get to the basics like getting food or water when we are hungry. But things like wanting to be rich and healthy is secondary motivation types.

Motivation does not last for long periods

Motivation as an emotion does not last very long. We find that extreme drive in the beginning when we want to do something but we lose it half way through our work out program. This is only natural because we do not need this motivation to survive. We are trying to do something extra. On the other hand if your doctor told you that you will die next month if you do not exercise every day, you will find extreme motivation because you need to survive.

How do we stay motivated?

In order to stay motivated to work out, you need to use different tactics. One of the best methods of staying motivated is to keep a journal of your exercises and body changes.  Doing this will make you see that you are actually changing and that your efforts and not wasted. You will want to gym to see more results. Working out blindly and hoping to see a change in the mirror has many people quitting before they see results. There is just something about writing it down and seeing the numbers that keep you wanting to improve it and recharge your motivation. 

motivated bodybuilder

What is good is that you will almost get curious to see how much you changed each day. This keeps you coming back time and time again. It’s the same effect where some people are addicted to checking their email every 5 minutes to see if they got an email.

Remember in the end motivation always fades ,but because you make use of a journal, hunting the results and keep doing it daily it will form into a habit. Once you have a habit you won’t need motivation and then it’s all about self-discipline and following the habit.

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