Dealing with exercise and weight loss frustration

 Dealing with exercise and weight loss frustration

Sticking with exercise or a diet in order to lose weight and not seeing any results will surely leave you feeling very frustrated. Frustration is the feeling we get when we fail to do something we intend to do. 

Dealing with exercise and weight loss frustration

Frustration usually occurs when something is blocking your plans and goals. For example if you find yourself having to complete a task and everyone is stealing your time or the task seems more difficult than you anticipated and taking much longer then you will feel frustrated.

Frustration can turn nasty

Weight loss frustration We all have to deal with short term frustration every now and then and its part of life. But what happens when you fail to achieve a goal you set out a long time ago? Say for example that you are very unhappy with your current weight and you just cannot manage to get it off even after years of trying. This will surely lead to being severely depressed and angry at the world.

People that are stubborn usually find themselves frustrated and angry all the time because they are not very flexible to make other plans or try a different path. They will continue on the same path even if it’s not working, because they believe that someday it will work or that life is just unfair.

Dealing with frustration

Many people release their frustration by taking it out on other people, shouting at their friends, parents or even their dog. This is obviously not the right way as the frustration will creep up again.

Dealing with exercise and weight loss frustration

In order to get over feeling frustrated the only cure is to actually find a way to achieve what you want to achieve or accept what is happening and finding other ways to deal with the situation.

If you have been struggling with losing weight, then obviously the path you are taking is wrong. If you are very serious about losing the weight then you owe it to yourself to try different ways. Get a personal coach, go see a nutritionist, learn to control your emotions etc. There are so many ways to do it just try something else.

The point is that frustration will go away as soon as you leave the path that is annoying you and trying a new path. Sometimes you have to let go of people that is holding you back from achieving your goal, or it might be time to quit the job that is stealing your time.

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