How much rest between workouts for maximum muscle growth?

How much rest between workouts for maximum muscle growth?

I remember one morning when I went to gym and saw this new guy in the gym lifting weights, later that day I went back to do some cardio and I saw the same guy still doing weights in the same clothes, that’s about 8 hours of weights ! I do give him credit for his motivation, but going on this way he will wear himself out and stop before he even begins to  see any progress. Even if he did go home and come back at the same time as me that night, what he was doing is still wrong.

How much rest between workouts for maximum muscle growth?

How much should I rest for maximum growth?

Most people don’t realize this, but your muscles don’t grow in the gym. They grow at home while you are resting and eating and lying on the couch. You shouldn’t actually spend more than 40 minutes in a gym per day doing high resistance training and you should only be working on one to two muscle groups per day. For example you can do biceps and abs on one day and the next day you can work on legs. Ideally you should let a muscle group rest for at least a week. Abs recovers faster and you can do them 2 times per week, but keep the distance 2-3 days at least.

What happens when you train the muscle group without necessary rest?

If you decide to go train while you should still be resting , then you are going to be a lot weaker , it will hurt more and you will only tear what’s already torn , thus the healing has to start over. Yes you will grow muscle this way, but it might take you longer, you can waste years instead of months. You muscles need full recovery so you can overload them and build on the bigger muscle and increase it even more in size and strength. Some people actually say that you can train with sore muscles as this forces muscle into survival mode and recover faster. Yes you may gain more muscle mass, but you won’t be just as strong and this doesn’t work for everyone. Do want a huge bicep that can only lift half the weight it is suppose to lift? It’s your choice.

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