Apple shaped body exercises to lose weight

best workout for apple shape

Apple shaped body exercises to lose weight

Women having an apple shaped body carry their weight mostly around their waist and middle section. These women could be at risk of health problems such as heart risk and diabetes because the weight sitting around the stomach area interferes with the main organs. It is essential that you follow the correct diet and exercise for your body type to lose the weight and get healthy.

What causes you to have an apple body shape?

According to some studies done it has been found that testosterone levels in the body causes fat to be formed around the stomach area. As testosterone is male hormone this explains why so many men have a beer belly. There is nothing to worry about as this is normal, you are not alone.

What diet should I follow for an apple shaped body?

A study has been done in the Journal of the American Medical Association and senior researcher David Ludwig discovered that women with an apple shaped body should follow a diet with a low glycemic index. A diet such as this should include carbohydrates such as whole grains, beans, nuts, vegetables and fruits instead of food with a high glycemic index such as white bread, white rice, cookies, pizza and sugary foods. You should also be taking in a lot of healthy unsaturated fats such as found in olive oil and canola oils and fish for oils such as omega 3 & 6, also keep your protein intake to about 25%.

What exercise should I be doing as an apple shape?

As an apple shape body you want to lose the fat around the stomach area and the best exercises for this is to target losing fat over the whole body and the stomach will follow. Thus you should be doing low resistance exercises such as running, cycling, stair stepping or swimming for at least 40 minutes at a time 3-4 times a week.

what morph body type am I?

You should also do stretch exercises using high resistance training, but keep to fewer repetitions with a high weight to tone and shape your body. Doing crunches or Pilates is great for your body type as it builds and tones your core muscles, you can also try doing sports such as kayaking or tennis as these sport focus on torso-rotation actions.

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