bodybuilding make you successful

 Can bodybuilding make you successful in life?

bodybuilding make you successful

Being successful in life is something we all strife for and unfortunately most people on earth die before they become successful. Just why do we find it so hard to become successful and what makes this easier for bodybuilders?

What makes a person successful?

Jeff Long Successful Bodybuilder being successful in life means that you have achieved something that you desired on a very deep level. Perhaps you define success by having a lot of money or perhaps your success is being a professional bodybuilder or even having a family. The problem with success is that we have been raised to follow the same dreams of most people or those of our parents. Most people see success as being rich and this is not for everyone. So if you do not care about being rich and you become rich you still won’t feel successful.

You need to find out what you desire. What will make you extremely happy? This is not always the hardest part of becoming successful. The problem is that we lack motivation, or we think this dream we have is too far away or even impossible and most importantly we lack some basic skills.

What makes a bodybuilder more prone to become successful in life?

Bodybuilding is a great teacher of the battle to become successful. Most successful bodybuilders started out slim or chubby, afraid and lost in the world like most of us. But they had the dream that they wanted to be famous and successful.

Here is a short list of what bodybuilding will teach you:

  1. Self-discipline.
  2. Self-confidence.
  3. Persistence.
  4. Setting goals.
  5. Finding motivation.
  6. Getting rid of fear.
  7. Realizing that you are in control of your life.
  8. Learning to be self-reliant.
  9. Learn to stand up to judgement.
  10. Learning from failure.

These are the basic necessary skills needed to become successful.  Of course you can learn these skills somewhere else, but bodybuilding has this complete package. What makes it interesting is that with bodybuilding you can actually measure your success and learn where you are at fault. When you are getting fat you know that you are struggling with self-discipline and that it needs work. Or when you find that you are losing hope in your dream then you know that you need to work on finding ways to get motivated and stay persistent.

All these same rules apply in other areas of life. Once you understand that you can make success a reality it’s only applying these rules.  If we look at one bodybuilder that has made success look easy then it’s probably Arnold Swarchenegger. His foundation of success lies in bodybuilding and he achieved so much from those basic teachings. The good news is that we all have this in ourselves; we just need to follow our hearts.

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