Can bodybuilding make you taller?

 Can bodybuilding make you taller?

Being shorter than most people can be irritating for most people. Being short or tall is part of your genetics and you cannot do much about it, however there are ways to increase your height with bodybuilding. Let me just tell you upfront it won’t be a massive increase but it can help.

Should I be bodybuilding when I’m still young?

For a typical male, you usually grow until you are about 22 years of age. When starting bodybuilding early as most teenagers do, is a great time to increase your chances to get taller than at a later age. When bodybuilding you can increase you HGH (Human growth hormone) and this is the magic formula to increasing in size, strength and length. To raise the levels of HGH you need to be eating correctly, you will need plenty of vitamins and minerals, drink more milk to increase calcium for bone growth, include vegetables and greens. You should also eat between 5-6 meals a day to keep your metabolism up as this will increase HGH production.

Can bodybuilding make you taller?

Being under the age of 22 you should be very careful though doing improper exercises such as squatting and dead lifts or any exercises that exerts heavy pressure on your back and spine. Getting an injury at this crucial stage in development can significantly hinder your growth.

What else can I do to increase my height?

Being a bit older and finished growing, normally there is very few you can do to increase your height any further. However you can straighten up your back and get a better posture which will result in looking taller. When you are not exercising regularly your back tends to curve and the plates in your spine are compressed. You can increase your height a lot by stretching your back regularly and doing exercises. As you progress your back will go back to being strong and your spine length will increase making your taller. HGH can still work for you to make you a bit taller however it won’t be as substantial as when you are younger.

Just keep exercising and stretching and you will feel and look taller in no time.

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