Can bodybuilding make you younger?

Can bodybuilding make you younger?

Can bodybuilding make you younger?

Did you know there are 3 types of ageing we face in life? There is your actual age by the date which you are born and this is set in stone and you cannot change it. Then you have a mental age, meaning what age do you think you are? And how do you act? Some people can act very childish but this keeps them young. Then lastly you get your body’s age. This is the physical age of your body. And the good news is that you can actually change this. You may be 60 years old but your body can only be 40 years old.

Our bodies age when we do not exercise and take care of it

When you go through life without any exercise your body grows older in a faster rate. Did you know most unhealthy fat people’s bodies are 10-20 years older than they actually are according to their birth date? This is an alarming realization for most of them. How can their bodies be so old? They struggle to move around and find it hard to breathe.  This happens only because they are so inactive. Even slim people who do not exercise regularly grow very weak and suffer from diseases such as osteoporosis.

When you do not exercise you are at risk of all sorts of diseases, diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, heart attack, loss of memory etc. Furthermore smoking and drinking has a profound effect on ageing us further. Smoking ages one’s skin a lot faster than normal. So if you smoke or drink, drop that habit right now.

How can bodybuilding make you younger?

Bodybuilding has the great effect of slowing the ageing process and in some cases even reverse ageing. Bodybuilding is all about the whole package of what you need to do to stop ageing in its tracks. As a bodybuilder you will surely get in a lot of exercise. When you exercise you stimulate your muscle to grow and become stronger. A stronger body is a younger body.

Exercising has many benefits such as releasing stress, increasing blood flow, increasing fitness, release of toxins in the body, decreasing blood pressure and generally decreasing risk of heart diseases or strokes.

Can bodybuilding make you younger?

Another part of the package of bodybuilding is to get into the habit of eating healthy. As a bodybuilder you need to eat a well balanced diet. This diet also includes a lot of protein to increase you muscle mass and keep you strong thus keeping you young. The key to a long healthy life is all in how healthy you eat.

The last package of bodybuilding is getting in enough rest and sleep. When you do not sleep your body does not get time to replenish and heal itself. You also need sufficient sleep for a healthy brain. You brain needs sufficient amounts of REM (Rapid eye movement) sleep. During the REM sleeping phase your brain builds the paths and links up the memories of the day. Without it you will feel tired and confused all day.

As we’ve seen bodybuilding can help you reverse and decrease ageing. Look up any bodybuilder and you will be amazed at what their age is and how good they look. Take a good look at Arnold Schwarzenegger for example. Did you know he was 40 years old when he starred in the predator movie? He did not look a year over 25. This just shows you that bodybuilding will help you stay young and fit.

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