Can I be a bodybuilder and what will it do for me?

Can I be a bodybuilder and what will it do for me?

Life can be very hard at times and most of us struggle with one thing in particular – ourselves. We either end up loving ourselves or hate ourselves. For those who hate ourselves, the picture is almost always the same. We hate the way we look, we hate our habits, and we hate who we are. This is really devastating for our spirit and can affect your life for the worst.

Can I be a bodybuilder and what will it do for me?

I am so happy for the people who want to change this and fix themselves. This is the best decision anyone can make. Standing up for themselves and saying no. This is where many people look up to bodybuilding for help, because they want to change their looks and be happy.

Frustrating yourself with bodybuilding

The sad truth is that in these times bodybuilding has taken on a very different form. Or might I say it has been infected by people that are only in it for money. Many magazines and products just want to sell you products and make money off from you. Many people starting out bodybuilding are thus mislead by doing the wrong training, taking the wrong supplements and just not getting anywhere fast. You can practically waste years on your body while it should have only taken maybe a year for you to develop your dream body if you knew the proper way.

What is bodybuilding really?

So what is real bodybuilding? How can I avoid being misled? For me personally bodybuilding is not just about going to gym, but bodybuilding is about developing both your body and your mind. This is very important. Real bodybuilding will teach you so much about yourself as you will have to master discipline and constantly face challenges that will improve you for the better. Bodybuilding will increase your self-confidence, will free you from being shy, living in fear and many more. To avoid being mislead you will have to study bodybuilding yourself and know the truth.

I was depressed for about 10 years+ and I really hated myself. Once I started bodybuilding I learned so much that it is actually scary. I learned to control myself. I learned that I have everything in me to do all I want and I learned to get out of my depression and start to love myself and follow my dreams. Bodybuilding has changed my life so much and I’m so happy I discovered real bodybuilding. This is why I started this website after all – to share it with you.

Can I be a bodybuilder and what will it do for me?

Bodybuilding is a lifestyle and not just something you do. I have come across many people in my life that claim to be bodybuilders but they fail so many times. Because they skip exercises and do not take it seriously, it’s just another thing for them. Bodybuilding is not a quick fix - Bodybuilding is a lifestyle of excellence. It will literally and mentally grow you as a person.

How do I start my journey of bodybuilding?

Firstly I am so happy for you if you want to do real bodybuilding. Your life will be so much happier. You will become the ultimate YOU and live your live!  And nothing will stop you!

In order for you not to fail you are going to have to make an agreement with yourself to not give up for at least a year. If you can make this arrangement for life then you are truly on your way to become excellent! Remember bodybuilding is for life. The skills you learn will be with your forever.

Next you will have to sign up to a gym if you are not already a member. SET GOALS for yourself and what you want to achieve and start reading. You will have to make a constant effort to learn more about bodybuilding every day. Make friends with bodybuilders in your gym and ask them about their lives. You will discover more as you move forward.

Please just never give up. You will fail here and there, but this is the way we learn – from failure. Just dust yourself off and move forward. Be persistent and remind yourself that you want to be the best you can.

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