Creating the need to be motivated to workout

 Creating the need to be motivated to workout

Sometimes it is hard to stay motivated to workout. You have to deal with your job, you relationships and everything and everyone gets in your way. There is nothing worse than losing motivation and failing yourself once again, where did it all go wrong? However it’s even worse if you cannot even find the motivation to drag yourself to gym! This is why you need to create a need to workout.

How to create the need to be motivated to workout

Ask yourself why you want to workout? Most people will say that they want to be healthier or lose weight, or be the biggest guy around, or get a girl. These are what we call positive motivations; when you achieve your goals you will get something from it.  Some people desire a girlfriend so much that they will do anything to get one, this is a strong positive need, thus they will be motivated to look good in order to get one, finding a way to workout. This is a way of creating a need, but you have to think of something more risky.

Creating the need to be motivated to workout

The answer is negative motivations, and these are the strongest form of motivation for most people. As an example, say when you have to suddenly move out from your parent’s house and have to pay your own bills and take care of yourself. Suddenly there is a need to acquire money otherwise you will lose the house you are living in now, and you will lose respect from your parents and friends. So there is a very strong need not to fail and you will do everything in your power to make money and succeed. The same rule applies in bodybuilding and working out, you need to create this need to be motivated. What will you lose if you don’t workout? Will you stay fat? Will you never get a girlfriend? Will you die young?

 You have to find this something that scares you if you don’t do it and then you will find the perfect need for yourself.

Once I found motivation how do I keep it up?

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