Do bodybuilders do cardio exercises?

 Do bodybuilders do cardio exercises?

With today’s lifestyle we all need to do cardio. Most of us really hate it but we have to do it for our health. Not only is it very important for a bodybuilder to do cardio to keep his heart healthy but a bodybuilder will need to do cardio to cut down on fat and get that shredded look.

When and why do bodybuilders do cardio?

Most bodybuilders jump to doing cardio exercises as soon as they need to start their cutting phase to get ready for completion. This isn’t always the best solution as you lose a lot of muscle mass during this phase. During the cutting phase you drop the calories you take in and some bodybuilders even do 2 cardio sessions per day. That’s a lot of cardio and weight loss right there. This makes you extremely weak as you starve yourself really - it’s not very healthy.

How should you be doing cardio?

There is no doubt that you will need to do cardio as it’s essential for a healthy heart. But when you want to keep the weight on and do some cutting maintenance at the same time you will have to go about it a bit differently.

Do bodybuilders do cardio exercises?

Firstly you should not over exert yourself. You should be doing cardio no more than 2-3 times a week and your sessions should be about 30 minutes. When you train longer you will start to burn off muscles instead of fat and this is not what you want. You can do cardio anytime of the day but should try and space your cardio sessions a good 8 hours away from your weight lifting sessions.

The reason for this is that when you have just done weights and then jump onto doing cardio you will have used your energy to lift the weights already and now your body will need to burn energy by using your muscles.  We want to burn fat – not muscle.

Doing cardio will also increase your appetite, meaning you get in more calories to create more muscle mass. However during the cutting phase when you want increase your fat burning you can drop your calorie intake by 10% without losing muscle.

What about intensity?

The general rule of cardio is to keep your heart rate at about 70% of your maximum heart rate. This varies a bit on your age range and most machines will show you a nice summary of what it needs to be and what your current heart rate is. However you will need to rely on your own body to tell you how intense you should go. Keep it slow in the beginning and find out what works for you. Always try and push for more intensity as you improve to burn more fat but be careful not to overdo it. I made the mistake as a beginner of running too fast and hard and ended up injuring my legs so much that I could not run for months. Your legs and body needs to adapt to it slowly.


There is no getting away from it, but you have to do cardio. Hate it or not – learn to make it a habit. Always know you limits and go with your own flow.

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