Fight the Dangers of Sitting

6 Ways to Fight the Dangers of Sitting

Fight the Dangers of Sitting

At this point in time, we all know that sitting is not the best thing for us. It burns very few calories, leads to tight muscles (especially ones recruited for running), and often compromises our posture. However, the health detriments go far beyond that. Washington Post recently had a great infographic talking about all the ways that sitting negatively affects our bodies. Take a good look at it and think about how it relates to your running.

Ways to Combat the Effects of Sitting

Reducing the sitting time you spend in the day is a great thing, as by doing this you can get rid of the problems that affect you due to sitting for long periods, so in this article we will offer you 6 ways to combat some of the negative effects of sitting 

1. Sit on a Balance Ball

Sitting on a balance ball will help you to engage your core muscles and back as you find your balance while sitting. When simply sitting, these muscles are not as engaged and can lead to slumping in your seat.

2. Use a Standing Desk

What better way to combat sitting than by simply not sitting? Try out a stand up desk and switch up your office life. It takes some getting used to, but really helps you to engage more muscles. I’m going to be picking up this one from Amazon!

3. Yoga!

Tight hips, mushy abs, and limp glutes, yikes! What better way to work on all of this than Yoga. Try it at home or head to a local studio.

4. Trigger Point Therapy

This is one of my favorite running tools, period. I’ll be dedicating a whole post to this soon! Deep trigger point massage can really help to loosen up your muscles and get you primed for your run!

5. Use a BackJoy in Your Seats

BackJoy is a company that has developed a seat cushion that puts your pelvis in the proper postural alignment when seated. I have one on my car and it makes longs drives much better.

6. Nature! 

Just stand up and go enjoy nature! Get moving around and out from behind the screen of your television or computer. It’s a big, beautiful world out there, go enjoy it!

How do you combat the effects of sitting? Leave a comment!

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