How can I get a girl to like me?

 How can I get a girl to like me?

Finding the right girl is hard sometimes and once you find someone you like, it’s time to make a move right? However most guys struggle with this so much and it never happens. So what can you do about it? And what does bodybuilding have to do with it?

What do girls like in a guy?

You do not have to be Mr perfect to get a girlfriend. However there are some factors that help extremely when looking for a girl. Girls tend to go for guys that are confident, are sensitive to them and show interest in them, good looks play a role too but isn’t as important.

How can bodybuilding help me get a girl?

Bodybuilding has the wonderful side effect of building your confidence levels through the roof. In no time you won’t even find it hard to go talk to a girl. You look good and you know it. All that is left to do is talk to her. But please don’t confuse confidence with being arrogant. Confidence is about being in control of yourself and your life; don’t force her to do anything. If she rejects you, just walk on, you can find someone else or try another time. Just walk up say hi and take it from there.

How can I get a girl to like me?

 The trick to talking to a girl is to just follow what she is talking about and show interest in what she is doing and talking about. Just remember to be yourself and don’t look desperate – pretending to be someone else is just silly.

If you see her regularly you should take is slow and talk to her every now and then and build up the relationship until you can ask her out.

Always remember that having a girlfriend is not a need in life, it may seem so but it’s not true. You need to make yourself happy first and build your confidence and work on improving your life. Getting a girlfriend because you feel alone and desperate is not a good way to start any relationship and I can almost guarantee you that it will end fast. When your life is in order and you are happy you will find the perfect girl for you.

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