How fast do you lose muscle?

 How fast do you lose muscle?

Every bodybuilder is scared of losing muscle when he or she needs to take a break due to injury or any other reason. However you should not be that worried, it takes quite some time to lose a lot of muscle mass, it can take anywhere from 2 months to about 6 to lose a substantial amount depending on what you do. The good news is that our muscles have memory , your muscles actually remembers how much weight you can lift and once you start training again you will be there in no time again.

How fast do you lose muscle?

Now let’s look at how you can actually speed up the process of losing muscle so you can prevent it.

1 - You lose muscle when you eat less

Your body has a specific BMR which is your metabolic rate which we can calculate how much calories your body needs per day to sustain itself. Eating less calories than you should be eating, your body won’t be able to sustain itself and you will start to lose muscle mass. There is a general rule of eating 10% less to lose body fat, but eating 25% less you will start to lose muscles as well.

2 - You lose muscle when you overdo cardio exercises

Cardio exercises is very good for you to burn calories and lose fat, however doing these for an hour or more per day for 5 days a week causes your body to start eating from your muscles. Cardio should only be done for about 30 minutes for the average person and only about 3 times per week in order not to lose muscle mass but gain stamina and burn fat.

3 - Replacing heavy resistance exercises with lower resistance exercises

Switching to lower weights when training sends the message to your muscles that you don’t need much strength and hence they will form a new memory that this is the maximum weight you can lift and they will then start reducing in size. Thus it is better to fully rest your injury than to drop a significant weight. You should be careful after an injury and start out light yes , but you should be able to quickly go back to your normal weights, but do not keep using lower weights for an extended time.

How fast do you lose muscle?

Another few things that can cause your muscles to reduce in size or stagnate are not stretching enough as stretching enables more range for more muscle tears and growth, also having the same exercise routine for a long period of time stop muscles from growing faster. Having irregular eating patterns is also a cause; you should be eating a small meal at least 5-7 times per day.

If you avoid doing these bad habits you should have no worry to lose muscle mass. Keep eating enough and get back to training and you will be back to your old self and growing in no time.

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