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How long does it take to build muscle?

 How long does it take to build muscle?

The first thing most people think that stumbles upon a bodybuilding is that this guy must be spending all his time in the gym. Some might even decide to go try it out for themselves and thus the vicious cycle starts: a person will train and not see results fast enough and go train some more and more, thinking that he needs to go and live in the gym to see any real results.

So how should I train to build muscle fast?

Building muscle at first it actually quite fast and you should see some results within about 2-3 weeks, however this changes depending on your body type. You can read my article which body type am I to discover which body type you have. Knowing your body type is essential to understand how you should be eating and training.

How long does it take to build muscle?

There are basically 3 body types: ectomorph , mesomorph and endomorph. Mesomorphs gain muscles much faster than any other type, so if you are not a mesomorph don’t give up because you do not see results fast enough. Just keep on going and you can look like any bodybuilder you want in time.

How much should I rest to gain muscle fast?

In my article how much rest between workouts for maximum muscle growth I explain this in more detail, but the basic principle is that you should not overwork your muscles as I explained in the beginning of this article. Overworking your muscles puts too much stress on them and slows down your recovery. You should ideally rest each muscle group at least a week. If you are a mesomorph you can get away with about 4-5 days rest. Always remember muscles do not grow in the gym, they grow when you rest. You should only gym for about 40 minutes only to stimulate your muscles, the rest of the time you should rest.

If you stick to resting and eating properly after a short intense gym session I have no doubt that you will see massive gains in a short time period, just hang in there and enjoy it.

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