How to deal with not being motivated

 How to deal with not being motivated

There is nothing worse than realizing you’ve done it again! Losing motivation half way. Most of us start with something very motivated yet when we bump into some obstacle or someone tells us that what we are doing is silly we tend to stop. Even when what you are doing is very important to you, this could be losing weight in order to feel good or get the girl you want or it could be to start your own business to get financial freedom.

Why do we get motivated in the first place?

We as humans get motivated to do something when we have an unmet need. People start going to gym because they do not like their bodies and they need to change it. The same we go to university to study in order to make money in the end. So we get motivated when we have an unmet need.

Why then do we lose motivation or lack motivation in the first place?

Lets looks at a typical situation:

Myke and Tom both decided to start bodybuilding and after 6 months Myke saw great results, while Tom hardly saw any results. Myke got more and more motivated and was well on his journey to becoming a great bodybuilder. However Tom lost his motivation completely because he did not see any results and stopped.

How to deal with not being motivated

Losing motivation half way is actually normal, even successful people lose motivation eventually. However they made their actions a habit and discipline took over. So if you problem is losing motivation half way, either your goals are not very important to you or you just need to work on your discipline levels.

If your problem however is that you cannot get motivated in the first place, then you might suffer from depression because you have no clue how to go about achieving your unmet needs. This leads you to become indifferent and not caring whether you succeed or not, killing your motivation. The same happened to Tom in our example, he became indifferent because he did not see results and got depressed.

Fear and low self-esteem is another problem of killing motivation. Not believing that you can actually fix your situation or being scared to fail will surely also keep you from getting motivated.

How do I get motivated?

As we have seen you can get motivated by having an unmet need. However it is important that you find a way to achieve this unmet need you have. So if you want to start bodybuilding for example but have no clue how to do it and it seems too big an effort, then unfortunately you won’t be motivated enough to start.

How to deal with not being motivated

Thus what you need to do is find a gym, find out how to begin and what benefits it will have for you. Once everything is in place you will automatically find motivation. The same applies to starting a business. At first this task may seem daunting, but when you are serious about getting rich then you need to find a way to make it happen and learn new skills.

This is the only way to get motivated – you need to know HOW to meet your unmet needs and have a GOAL and BELIEVE that you will achieve them.

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