How to set bodybuilding goals

 How to set bodybuilding goals

The fastest way to achieve your goals in bodybuilding is to set very clear goals. As with any goal in life having goals for bodybuilding is very important. If you are one of those people that think that setting goals is a waste of time, then think again.

Various studies have been done on people that set goals versus those that do not.  In these studies it was found that people that had written goals achieved their goals faster than they imagined while those that only had a general idea of where they wanted to be didn’t achieve those goals.

There are a few guidelines how to set bodybuilding goals as I will show you:

Firstly if you have never set any goals before then its best to start small and set bigger goals as you achieve them. Your goals need to be very specific and time based. For example if your goal was to lose weight you would have to set the exact weight you are aiming for, say 90kg and you have to set a specific date to reach this goal. Always remember one rule, write down your goals, and never underestimate the power of doing this as it has a very positive effect on your motivation as you have something very visible to aim for. Something else that helps when setting goals is to set a reward when you achieve this goal, something you like doing, going to a movie, calling a friend etc.

 It is important to not be harsh on yourself when you fail the goal you set as this will teach you subconsciously that you are a failure. Instead just pick yourself up and set a smaller goal you can reach but never give up on your goals.

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