How to stay motivated to work out

Staying motivated to work out can be tough sometimes for most people, however as you are probably reading this, you want to do something about this. That’s great! Let’s get started and look at some things you can do to get motivated.

How to stay motivated to work out

According to research done if you keep to exercising for about 6 months and then stopping you will feel really weird and start to actually miss going to gym. This is only natural as with learning any new habit. So if you can manage to pull though exercising for only 6 months you will be past the hard times.

Until then here is some things you can do to find some motivation:

1 - Find out why you stop going to gym. Sit down and think about this for a while. Why did you start in the first place? Are you trying to lose weight or perhaps want to gain muscle? Are you only working out because other people do it? You must find a very good reason why you want to exercise. Exercising is really beneficial for your health and will raise you energy levels and leave you feeling great, but there is more to it than that, find that reason that works for you.

2 - Have you set goals for yourself? In my article How to set bodybuilding goals I explain the important of having goals. Having a goal is one of the best ways to get motivated and stay motivated until you reach your goal.

3 - Changing your workout routine can not only help you regain some new motivation but also help increase the effect of workouts as your body and mind can get used to the same boring old routine very fast and serves as fast way to lose motivation. There are literally thousands of exercise routines available.

How to stay motivated to work out

4 - One of the most important factors why a person stops going to gym is because they lack self-discipline. Self-discipline helps to keep on going to gym even when you lost motivation. If you are guilty of starting very motivated the first week of training and then skipping one day that leads to 2 and later stopping, then self-discipline could be your problem.

5 - Start tracking your progress by using measurements and a scale. Not only will this help you attain your goals faster, you can actually see that you are changing. This is great motivation as it’s hard to see results any other way. Seeing results in the mirror might take months and by then you might have stopped.

6 - Get a workout partner and make friends at gym. This is a great excuse to get you to go to gym. You will find yourself going to gym just to meet up with your friends, and while there you will surely workout. Having a gym partner is especially important if your goals are to gain weight as you will need a good spotter.

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