I want to change my body

 I want to change my body

Millions of people wake up every morning, climbing out of bed and one of the first things they do is to look in the mirror. Do you like what you see? Or do you curse your looks? What is it doing to you when you don’t like what you see?  Does it make you very unhappy? Do you tell yourself that no one will ever love you looking like this?

Is there something you can do to change your body?

Of course there is! Even you know you can do something about it, but something has been holding you back all these years and you just cannot bring yourself to make the effort. There are a lot of factors that can hold a person back. These include all sorts of problems: family problems, faith problems, money problems, lack of experience, shyness, fear of failure, lack of self-confidence and a lot more.

Take a moment to think about what it is that is holding you back. Think about what this is costing you? Your dreams? Finding your true love? Maybe it is not only your body that needs work, perhaps there are deeper problems. How many years have you wasted your life waiting for the problem to go away. You have to understand that only you can make your problems go away. Only you can change yourself and rescue yourself from this situation. You can make excuses or your life or you can do something about it.

I want to change my body

It’s time to take a stand! You have start somewhere, first start by telling yourself that you WILL do something about it today. The moment you do this you will start to feel better. Depression will ease as you know you will do something about it and your situation is going to change soon. Say to yourself, today I am going to change my body! Join a gym, throw out the junk food in your house and make a promise never to buy them again. If you cannot afford a gym, start out at home, do push ups and sit ups or anything, but START.  You have to START. Remember whether you think you can or can’t you are always right.

You have to keep on fighting

The most important thing is to continue, even when it feels hard you have to continue! Today is the day to change your body! Every time you want to slip think about what it is costing you to stay in the same place, feeling stuck and worthless. NO! Do not give up! You can read more about not giving up in my article Persistence is the key to success.

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