I’m too lazy to work out

 I’m too lazy to work out

Being lazy to work out is possibly the most annoying thing ever. You know you have to work out yet you cannot find the energy or motivation to do it. When you do try you give up after a week or so. Why is that? Let’s look at some things you can do to get yourself off the couch and into the gym!

I’m too lazy to work out

What can I do to break the habit of being lazy?

1 - Keep workouts short

Many people get up one day and almost scream out loud, enough is enough! And they go out buy gym clothes join the gym and spend all day pumping iron, running on the treadmill, by the time they get back home they drop on the couch so hard you can almost see the house shaking! As they lay there they think to themselves, “Gosh, I have to do this again tomorrow? “ People like this do not last very long. You need to take it slow, keep your workouts short and fun. It should be no longer than 30 minutes a day. That’s not very long is it? You can even start with 10 minutes if 30 min sounds too daunting now.

2 - Drink coffee before you go to gym

If you find it physically exhausting during a workout session, it could help you to drink a cup of coffee before you go do your workout. Coffee helps to increase your energy and make you alert. You will be able to lift heavier weights and run longer. Just remember drinking too much coffee can have the reverse effect. So it’s best to keep your cup for the day just before workout. Before you know it you won’t even need coffee anymore as working out will restore you energy levels.

3 - Make yourself feel guilty

This might not work for everyone, but some people are very motivated when they start to feel guilty. Remind yourself that life is short. You can either do this now and make a positive change in your life or face the consequences and live a lazy, fat, unhealthy life forever and die young. Look at all those healthy strong people and find a way to be jealous of them. This can be you too, but you are too lazy to workout. Does this not make you feel guilty? Now go do something about it!

4 - Create the need to workout

Creating a need to work out is one of the best ways to motivate yourself to workout. The idea is that you must find such a good reason to work out that if you do not do it something bad will happen. Say for example a person was told by a doctor that if he does not start losing fat NOW he will die of a heart attack within one year. Suddenly this person will find a great need to lose the weight. You have to find a similar need. You can read more about it in my article Creating the need to be motivated to work out.

5 - Listen to energetic music

No doubt you have seen a lot of people in gym wearing earphones when they work out. They are most probably listening to energetic music. Music like this has the effect to make your heart pump faster and make you feel awake and wanting to dance along with the music. You can use this energy to work out better and harder, you almost can’t feel lazy listening to this.  Most gym’s nowadays play very energetic music so you don’t even need to bring your own.

6 - Control your self talk

This is a very important step and when you master this, you won’t fall prey to giving up so easy. Some people refer to this as the child in you, or the devil sitting on your shoulder. But let’s look at a typical example: Its 10 minutes before you have to go work out. Your devil tells you, “Hmm, I’m feeling a bit lazy today, maybe we can skip today”. You try and fight it by saying “No, I promised myself I will go today”. Devil responds “We will go again tomorrow, it will be ok”. Before you know it you’ve talked yourself into not going today. This self sabotage talking is killing your efforts. You have to start listening to what you tell yourself and control the devil inside you. You can reward this child inside yourself AFTER the workout by watching TV for a while, or doing something you like as a reward. But learn to control it and master your life!

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