I’m too shy to become a bodybuilder

 I’m too shy to become a bodybuilder

Becoming a bodybuilder will surely get you noticed by people. People will start to talk to you out of the blue as you will stand out in the crowd. Part of becoming a bodybuilder is accepting that this will happen, however this can be a really difficult situation for a shy person. Deep down you desire to be a bodybuilder but what will you tell your friends and family? How will you react to them? Or will your shyness win and rob you from your dream? You know this is something you need to do, but just how do you get over being shy?

I’m too shy to become a bodybuilder

Believe me if I tell you I was one of the shyest people on earth. If I could rate myself from 1 to 10, I would have been 11. I too wanted to become a bodybuilder and was so shy I put it off for nearly 15 years. But I finally realized that shyness is not a trait we have but it’s a bad habit and it can be overcome.

Why are we shy?

Overcome shyness with bodybuilding ( source - patlee.net )Being shy comes from our childhood. All children are shy at first hiding behind their parents when meeting new people or people of authority. As we become adults we grow out of this and instead we find excitement and pleasure in meeting new people.

This obviously does not happen for everyone and we tend to carry this shyness with us into adulthood. This can happen because we had critical parents who always judged us or friends that constantly put us down making us feel unworthy. This resulted in self-esteem problems and is the root cause of being shy.

What happens many times is that people start to believe that something is wrong with them and they tend to live in a shell of some sorts. This causes them to start living within themselves and become introverts because they are too afraid of the outside world. Leaving this shell will surely cause them a great deal of pain and a fear of rejection because they believe they are not worthy since they have been constantly reminded by being teased and criticized.

In the worst case scenario shyness can turn into shame where the person almost feels guilty of who he is. He had to hide his feelings and who he truly is from everyone because he knows that he will be teased about it when he tells.

How can we overcome shyness?

There is no quick fix to overcome shyness. You can’t tell your mom to just pick up the spider can you? To overcome shyness there is a few steps we need to take.

I’m too shy to become a bodybuilder

The first thing you must realize is that it really is possible to overcome shyness. Just think of everything you will achieve when you are not held back by shyness anymore. You won’t believe your eyes!

Remember shyness is just a bad habit. You have taught yourself since childhood to feel shy when you encountered a certain situation. As an adult you still find it NORMAL to feel this same feeling when you encounter these situations since this is all you know. You will need to re-program yourself to get rid of shyness.

Here are the steps you need to take to overcome shyness:

1 - Learn to make use of CBT (Cognitive behaviour therapy)

CBT is a great way for us to re-program ourselves. CBT is the act of stopping or catching yourself when you are about to feel a bad feeling. Say for example you walked in the street and you see two girls walking past you and then they started laughing. Normally a person with low self esteem will immediately think that the girls are laughing at them. This is not true, they are probably just laughing at a joke the other one just told her, or they could perhaps be laughing about a poster they saw behind you. You will need to stop yourself from feeling bad and access the situation. Tell yourself that they are not laughing at you.

When you do this over and over it will become automatic and you will stop feeling like everyone is always criticising you.

2 - Learn to be confident

Did you know being confident is not a trait we are born with but a skill we can learn? Becoming confident in yourself in the best way to overcome shyness. Confidence is about knowing who you are and standing up for yourself. When people criticizes a confident person, that person won’t feel bad because he knows what they are saying is not true. Learning to become confident takes a bit of time, however practice becoming confident every day and you will be surprised at how fast you will overcome being shy.

3 - Learn to face your fears

Learning to face your fears is a necessary goal we need to set ourselves. Being shy is all about being scared of people and what they will say about you.  You will need to start introducing your fears into your life and realize they are not as bad as you thought. Conquering fear is a big part of becoming confident. As a first challenge try the following: Every time you walk past someone in public, look them in the eyes for at least 10 seconds or until they looked away. This will be extremely hard at first, but this is the first step to become confident. Looking someone in the eyes without looking away shows that you are very confident.

I’m too shy to become a bodybuilder

Follow these steps and you will overcome shyness. All you need to do is catch yourself every time you encounter a situation and realize that it really is not that bad. Everyone is NOT always looking at you or judging you. They are worried about themselves or even shy themselves!

Lastly, becoming a bodybuilder is actually a great way to overcome shyness in itself. As you start to look great your confidence will get an automatic boost and the rest is simple. In no time you will have kissed shyness away!

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