Is it too late to start bodybuilding?

 Is it too late to start bodybuilding?

I don’t know if you have ever experienced regret in your life by not doing a certain sport and waiting until you were too old to try it? If you have you will know what a bad feeling that is.

Personally I always wanted to do gymnastics. I was always too shy to tell my parents that I wanted to try it out. When I got to college an opportunity presented itself to me to do beginner gymnastics. This was my chance to finally do it. Gymnastics is a sport where you have to be very flexible and if you did not start doing it at a young age you will not get very far. Besides only starting gymnastics at the age of 23 was crazy. Long story short – I pulled up some courage and asked my parents if I can do it. My mom told me that I would get hurt and she said no. Thus I never did gymnastics. To this day I still feel regret.

How is bodybuilding different?

As I mentioned, I missed my opportunity in life to do gymnastics. However I discovered bodybuilding soon after my misfortune. Bodybuilding is a sport anyone can participate in. Even when you are 60 years old you can still do it. You do not need to be super fit to start nor do you need to pay a very expensive coach to do it. Yes there is competitive bodybuilding, but bodybuilding can be just as fun when done by yourself.

Is it too late to start bodybuilding?

This is a chance to show yourself what you are made of. Bodybuilding gave me the great feeling of taking control of my life and live it to the fullest. I no longer feel the pain of being too old. In fact most known pro bodybuilders and rich in age. Finally a sport where there is no age limit.

I’m too fat and old to start bodybuilding now

This is something most people tell themselves. Do not do this to yourself. Do not believe this lie. You can start bodybuilding even if you are 70 years old. Yes you will have to start very small. But just start. Everything takes time to master. Many studies have been done on old people starting to do resistance training. The results were amazing, not only did it stop them from losing muscle mass but they actually gained new muscle mass.

Mature bodybuilder

Being obese is no excuse to start either. You will see dramatic results when you start exercising and eating correct. If you are fat the only reason is because you are eating too much and not exercising.  Being depressed and worried can lead to someone becoming fat because they find comfort in food. But you can shift this comfort to exercising. Exercising relieves stress levels and you will feel great after a while.

There is nothing worse than waking up one day and realizing that you could have been healthier and more active if you did bodybuilding or just simply some exercise at least. Do not wait any longer, start today!

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