Set Easily Achievable Weight Loss Goals

 8 Ways To Set Easily Achievable Weight Loss Goals

The average person seriously dislikes setting goals, because they know full well they are not going to achieve them. This is why you see the new years resolution lasting for about 30 minutes on new years day, before you’re back eating chocolate or drinking your second can of coke. 

Set Easily Achievable Weight Loss Goals
achieve weight loss

But why do you think we all hate setting goals so much? Well there are two reasons really, one because we know that at some point we are going to HAVE to do something, which requires work and two, it takes to damn long to see any results!

achieve weight loss

Impatience which leads to instant gratification is a familiar personality trait in people that doesn’t seem to want to go away. So we have to find other ways to achieve our goals. Below are 8 very simple ways to set easily achievable weight loss goals, without having to worry if you’re still on track or not. In fact these ideas and principles work so well, that if you implement just a few of them, you will see a dramatic change in the way you go about goal setting so let’s get to it.

Use Google calendar or goal setting software 

Firstly let’s discuss how to make your goal setting easier. You must write your goals down, this is the basic rule that you have to follow. They should never be in your head or change on a frequent basis.

Now, you keep track of your goals on a regular basis and staying focused means having a structured view on things, this can be achieved with a straight up old school diary/workbook and ticking each goal off as you go along (gives you an awesome sense of satisfaction). A Moleskine diary would be best for this would you can pick up in various sizes. Or you can open up to the more modern ways of setting and tracking goals.

A free way of using simple goal setting software is by taking a look at Google Calendar, it’s a great way to track what needs to be done, what you have done and where you currently are. You can use both the tasks feature and the calendar to really get things moving.

Set Easily Achievable Weight Loss Goals
using google calendar as a planner

On the other hand, you may want to consider some specially created goal setting software like Goals on Track which is basically like putting your goals on steroids and knocking them down one by one with ease. Now we have the tools, let’s move onto the principles.

Decide on what you want – The starting goals

This is the most important step, so sit up and take notice. If you want to lose weight quickly then you must be incredibly focused, driven and have the right goal in mind. Once you set this goal, you cannot change it, you can only move towards it and accomplish it. So to begin, choose a measurable goal, this will be a goal that can be achieved within a reasonable amount of time and is not so big that you’ll give up because it’s near impossible. Do this now!

Break your weight loss goals down – Be specific (very crucial) A lot of people seem to fail with this one step, they either forget or can’t be bothered to break their weight loss goals down, so they just have one big one instead and can’t see why they haven’t achieved their top goal after the first week… how frustrating! Actually it’s because you’re NOT breaking the goals down, that’s why you’re failing. So with your larger starting goal. Break it down into the following three sections:

1. Your starting goal – The big one, that you are working towards. All of the goals beneath are supporting this one.

2. Your sub-goals – Treat these as a collection of goals, so maybe you can have one for diet and another for exercise, with mini tasks beneath each of these.

3. Your tasks that make up the goals – Small simple easy to follow steps will get you to where you want to go every time. Underneath your sub-goals, break down how you will achieve that sub goal and go as deep in detail as you possibly can.

So for example, one sub-goal may be “diet” and your tasks underneath that sub-goal could be; create a custom diet plan, shop for fresh foods, eat more alkaline foods, try two new healthy recipes, Etc.

Prevent being overwhelmed by structuring (the roadmap)

Your goals should now start to grow in size with the three sections mentioned above, so to avoid being overwhelmed use a structure that you are most fond of. There are two very popular structures that will do the job nicely:

1. Mind map structure – Mind maps have become very popular over recent years, as it’s a visual way to present your goals and digest the information quickly. It focuses on the teachings of the founder Tony Buzan who is an expert on how the mind works. Very interesting and powerful stuff.

2. Tree list structure – This is a much simpler and more traditional way of structuring your goals. Just list them in order of priority, sub-goals and then smaller tasks like a roadmap almost.

Deal with fears and problems as and when they arise

With every goal you set yourself, you WILL come across a problem or fear, basically something at some point. These things are inevitable, it’s just what life and our minds throw at us to keep us on top of things. When you feel fearful that you won’t reach a goal or something is preventing you from getting to your goal, you simply find a way to get around it. Keep that end goal in mind.

Set Easily Achievable Weight Loss Goals

This is just far to important to dismiss, if you do not deal with your weight loss issues, you will just get fatter and more depressed, your health should be the most important thing here.

Keep track weekly – Note down everything & answer key questions

If you’re very serious about losing weight and really nailing your weight loss goals, then you absolutely need to keep track of your progress. There are several proven ways to do this:

1. Take pictures – Take a picture of yourself weekly and you will notice your body changing at a rapid pace.

2. Note down your fears and problems – Let’s not shy away from things here, take note of what you fear most about losing weight, what problems you’re facing and try hard to overcome them. You will feel amazing, when you push past your fears, as cheesy as it may sound… you really will.

3. Ask thought provoking questions – You should take a few minutes each week to ask yourself key questions that also keep you on track and thinking, like; Am I losing the weight I need to be losing weekly? Are the foods I’m eating giving me the right amount of nutrients and minerals? Am I drinking enough water? Etc.

Get into a pattern of habit and routine

The hardest part of goal setting without a doubt is getting into a rhythm, this means creating a set time each day/week to do something that moves you closer to your main goal. Once you fall into a “good” habit, you’ll find it easier to keep going and that’s the point you want to get to. When you do something automatically without thinking about it or worrying about it, which is doing your body good… that’s when you have naturally created a positive habit. Sweet!

Don’t be down on yourself… EVER

Never beat yourself up on how well you are doing, just keep striving for the next goal and if you can, develop your own set of weight loss affirmations, these should help you reenforce your goals and make you feel positive about things on a daily basis.

The moment you lose focus and start letting negative thoughts into your head, you’re finished. Once a bad thought comes into your mind, just focus on the goal, your new body, how healthy you’re feeling and keep your energy levels up, that’s all you can do.

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