what morph body type am i?

am i an endomorph or mesomorph?

Knowing your body type is essential in order to know how you should proceed in building muscle. There are 3 main types of body types namely:

what morph body type am i?

Ectomorph : Recognized for having a skinny and slim body frame , long thin arms, low fat storage and high metabolism , ectomorphs find it hard to gain any weight.

Mesomorph: Recognized for having strong and wide bones, well defined muscles, having a large torso and narrow waist. The body is typically in a rectangular shape and well defined and has a low fat storage. It is easy for mesomorphs to gain muscle or lose weight.

Endomorph: Round and soft body, much of the weight is stored in the abdominal area and fat is stored more easily. Endomorph’s arms and legs are typically short and taper. The face is spherical in shape.

Am I a mesomorph body type ?

If you have a mesomorph body type, consider yourself very lucky indeed. You can gain muscle very fast with relatively minimum effort and you can easily loose fat too!

A male mesomorph’s body is typically a V shape or rectangular in shape where a female mesomorph has a hourglass shape body. You typically have a very nice proportional body and doing exercise and having a strict diet can make you look good quickly.

As a mesomorph your body has a fast metabolism which means you can get away with cheating a bit on your diet and you body has a low body fat percentage as the rest is usually lean muscle. However, because you lose fat so easily you tend to over indulge and bad habits can lead to weight and fat gain, but this can be fixed quickly by following a strict diet and doing some exercise. You should try and eat breakfast within an hour of waking up and you do not necessarily need to cut down on calories in your evening meals as your metabolism will take care of not gaining weight as you sleep.

Mesomorphs can typically train harder and for longer in the gym and should do both cardio and weights to maintain their weight. You should not overdo weight training as you need your rest just like any other type to grow and keep the cardio in balance as mesomorphs burn calories faster than any other body type.

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