Why should I do cardio exercises?

 Why should I do cardio exercises?

Why should I do cardio exercises?

Doing cardiovascular exercises is no joke and it’s the number one hated exercise. But we are told over and over to just do it. It helps us lose fat and makes us fit, but how exactly does it work and why should you really do it?

Why cardio is so difficult?

Cardio is an aerobic type of exercise meaning it uses oxygen to give you energy to run, walk briskly and climb a flight of stairs. The problem why so many people find it hard to do is because you run out of oxygen too fast and you cannot force air fast enough into your lungs. Your chest burns and you feel like you are going to die, it’s just not fun, correct?

So why does this happen?

Cardio Heart Health There are mainly 3 reasons:

  1. Your lungs are in a poor condition and weak and cannot inhale enough air.
  2. Your body does not have enough blood volume , especially red blood cells which carries oxygen.
  3. You have a weak or poorly developed heart and it cannot pump blood fast enough.

What can I do to make cardio less painful?

The truth is that you can improve all 3 of these conditions and this is why you should be doing cardio. Not just for fat loss but for your overall health. Do yourself a favour and do a quick test: Place 2 fingers right under your neck until you feel your heartbeat. Make sure you can feel it; you can use your wrist if that is easier for you. Now sit in front of any clock or have a friend time 1 minute. Count the number of times your heart beats for 1 min.

Is this number greater than 60? The general heart rate per minute for the average person is 70-80 beats per minute. If your heart rate is greater than 60 then it means you are unfit. And you heart has to work much harder to pump blood and eventually shorten your life. This is why cardio is so painful, your heart cannot get enough oxygen to your body and thus has to work overtime to try and compensate, but utterly fails.

Doing cardio more regularly will do wonders for you. In about 3-4 weeks your body will produce ¼ more red blood cells meaning more oxygen can be stored in your body, you heart will become bigger and more streamlined and efficient and be able to pump more blood at a time reducing your heart rate and your lung muscles will develop meaning you can inhale more air at a time.

Before long you won’t feel so much pain doing cardio as you now get enough oxygen to power your body. The only trick to painless cardio is to keep doing it for a month or 2. Your body will be thankful and you can expand your life by 10-20 years.

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