10 Things Preventing You From Losing Weight

10 Things Preventing You From Losing Weight Right Now

There isn’t just one reason your still over weight and not losing any weight, there are several and they all add up quickly to create a barrier that prevents you from shifting any fat. Below are ten very common things that prevent most people from achieving their weight loss goals. Before you say anything, you haven’t tried EVERYTHING and you’re not the odd one out, so quit feeling sorry for yourself and take action.

10 Things Preventing You From Losing Weight

1. You don’t monitor calories

If you want to look leaner, you must consume fewer calories than you take in. If you’ve hit a plato it’s, because you’re not monitoring how many calories you are eating. This really isn’t hard either, it’s just getting started that is the problem.

2. You’re exercising too much

Focusing too much on exercising and burning yourself out rather than on your overall calorie deficit and eating healthily with balanced meals. Diet fuels your exercise, so should always come first.

3. You eat too much salt

Taking in too much salt in your diet. This will cause unwanted stomach bloat making it appear like you have more belly fat than you do. Also salt can lead to a higher cholesterol which is never a good thing.

4. You’re lacking sleep

Not getting enough sleep. Lack of sleep will increase your cortisol levels and could slow down your metabolism, so test your sleeping patterns and see which is the right amount of hours for you, so that you can wake up feeling fresh.

5. You didn’t plan properly

Not having a solid action plan is a fundamental rule of weight loss – plan out your workouts and diet as closely as possible. This will help keep you on track and give you a path to follow for success.

6. You don’t do enough resistance training

Adding too much cardiovascular and not enough resistance training for lean muscle gain. While cardio will help you burn calories at an increase rate, resistance training speeds up the metabolism over the long term, turning your body into a fat burning machine.

7. You drink to much alcohol

Consuming too many alcoholic beverages. These calories really add up quickly and promote fat accumulation faster than some foods so stop going to the pub at lunch time and use alcohol as a treat instead.

8. You’re far too stressed

Being very stressed is a weight loss killer. Stress also releases cortisol in the body and that hormone will encourage the body to store fat in a short amount of time. So make it a habit to reduce the amount of stress you have in your life, easier said than done of course.

9. You consume too many processed foods

Eating too many processed carbohydrates is terrible for your body. These will just make you crave more calories later on and fat will just start stacking up.

10. You’re not following through regularly

Not being consistent with your diet and exercise. Losing focus for even one day and sneaking a little chocolate bar or missing that half an hour workout you had planned will set you back longer than you may think and have a knock on effect with your weight, so get excited and stay motivated.

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