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Pear shaped body exercises to lose weight

 Pear shaped body exercises to lose weight

Having a pear shaped body can be really tricky business when you want to lose the fat in the lower region. Women with this shaped body gains fat easily in their hips, thighs and legs but has a smaller upper body.

The mistake most of these women make when trying to lose weight is that they work their legs into oblivion doing all the crazy legs exercises they hear about. What this does it actually makes their legs too strong and they gain muscle making their legs and hips look even bigger than before leaving them baffled as what happened and losing their motivation.

However if you follow a correct diet and exercise plan you can have the body you desire. Compared to an apple shaped body which carries their weight around the stomach area, pear shapes actually will find it much harder to lose the fat around the legs as the body lets go of fat easier around the stomach. However pear shaped bodies run a lower risk of health problems because having fat around the stomach area is not healthy.

It is thus recommended to lose your overall weight first before focussing on losing fat in the lower area. Now for your body to lose fat in the legs area you will have to drop the resistance leg training and move to doing more cardio sessions. Cardio will work wonders for burning off the fat, however as you are a pear shape you will have to go about this a bit differently. It is still highly recommended to do resistance training for the upper body to get balance.

Pear shaped bodies will need to put in more time in their cardio sessions than the normal 30 minutes. You will have to do at least 45-60 minutes of cardio. Running is a really good exercise for this. Doing longer exercises will burn more calories since your body tends to take fat reserves for energy from the upper body first, thus doing longer sessions will force your body to start using fat reserves from your legs.

Pear shaped body exercises to lose weight

Something else that is important is that you will need to do is interval cardio sessions instead of just running a constant speed. This means you will have to run at an intense speed and then run considerably slower to rest a bit and then intense again until the 45-60 minutes has passed. Interval cardio burns much more calories than running a constant speed.

If you follow these basic principles and do cardio sessions at least 5-6 times per week you should have no problem in losing that tricky fat.

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