Should I take supplements when bodybuilding?

 Should I take supplements when bodybuilding?

Our bodies need a wide range of vitamins and minerals on a daily basis to function properly. This is especially important when you are an active person like being a bodybuilder. In these times your body will needs vast amounts of protein and vitamins in order for you to grow. However lots of bodybuilders just take supplements without knowing if they really need it. They just add it to their existing diet. But is this good? Or is it too much on your body?

Knowing when to take supplements

Before you take any supplements you will need to analyze your diet. It is important to create a well balanced diet for yourself. You can ask a nutritionist to help create a well balanced diet for you. This diet should include all the vitamins such as vitamin C, B, D, A, K and E and some other important ones like getting in magnesium, iron and calcium. You should also get in healthy fats such as omega 3 & 6. It might not always be possible to create a diet containing all these as some people don’t like vegetables or dairy product and avoid these foods.

Should I take supplements when bodybuilding?

You should be making use of supplements when you have a deficiency of vitamins and minerals not included in your diet. A multivitamin is a cheap way to get in all the nutrients your body needs as an alternative, however it’s important to make this a secondary solution. You should be eating real food first and supplementing what you are missing.

Protein supplements

A bodybuilding needs huge amounts of protein in order to grow. They need as much as 1 to 1.5 times their body weight in pounds of protein in grams. So weighing 200 pounds you might need 300 grams of protein on the extreme. This is a lot of protein and getting this in from only food is not only expensive but a lot to eat. A big steak might only give you as much as 50g of protein. You still need 250 grams from something else. This is where supplementing for protein makes it easier for a bodybuilder.

Are there any side effects of taking too much supplements?

Taking supplements should always only be a secondary solution. Only take supplements when you have a deficiency. Always make sure you read and understand the labels and what you are getting in. Taking supplements from 2 or more sources, make sure that you are not taking in too much of a specific vitamin or mineral. Overdosing on a supplement is not good in the long run.

When you are on medication it would be best to speak to your doctor when taking both to insure there is no clashing with your medicine.

After reading this you should now know that supplements should only supplement you with what you are missing. It is best to find a diet that contains everything you need or at least close to it.

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