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Side effects of using creatine supplements

 Side effects of using creatine supplements

Creatine is the magical substance that many bodybuilders have found extremely useful to generate crazy energy and become bigger. It helps you get over that bump you sometimes face when being stuck on a plateau when bodybuilding. Creatine is an amino acid based compound that is created naturally by your kidneys, pancreas and liver. Your body produces about 2 grams a day of this substance to give you quick bursts of energy. Creatine travels to your muscles and turns into creatine phosphate which helps restore used energy molecules into new energy at a great speed. Using creatine supplements bodybuilders take in about 20 grams a day or sometimes more.

Side effects of using creatine supplements

Doing this gives you more strength and stamina and increases muscle mass, but is taking this much creatine dangerous?

Side effects of creatine

People taking creatine have said they have experienced muscles cramps , dehydration , nausea  and diarrhea. People with existing kidney and renel disorders found that they have more stress on their kidneys. Personally I have gotten nose bleeds when using creatine, however this could have been anything. It was an extremely hot summer when I took it and I changed my diet and exercise program.

Since creatine is still relatively new in the science field, scientists cannot yet prove whether creatine is completely safe or not. A few studies have been done however. In one study a group of 175 have been given 10 grams of creatine or placebo per day for 310 days.  Only 3 subjects had to drop out due to nausea and diarrhea.

Another side effect of creatine which is a good one is that creatine has positive effects on your heart. Subjects that took creatine had significant lower levels of cholesterol after prolonged use.

Unfortunately long term affects meaning 10+ years of using creatine has not yet been established. So it would be wise to be careful and not overdose on creatine and only use it when you really have to. You can read my article When should I take creatine to read more about it. When you have a kidney problem or renel disorder, you should talk to your doctor before using creatine. Make sure you drink lots of water when taking creatine.

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