What’s holding you back from being successful?

 What’s holding you back from being successful?

Being successful in life can sometimes be hard, but it doesn’t have to be. There is always something trying to hold us back. Whether this be people in our lives or situations, it can also be yourself sabotaging you own efforts. We can learn to rub off the people in our lives that put us down but we have to deal with ourselves head on.

What’s holding you back from being successful?

In order to find out what is holding us back we have to find out what we are afraid of. There are a few things we all fear and this is what is holding us back from being successful and following our dreams.

1 - Fear of failure

A lot of people never even try to follow their dreams because they think that they will fail even before they try.  How many times have you thought of starting your own business or finally getting ready to get into shape and then the thought crossed you mind – I don’t think I will make it. Or it’s going to be too difficult, I best not start everyone will laugh at me when I fail.

We do this to ourselves countless times. Did you know? Almost all the successful people in the world failed multiple times before they managed to become successful? Thomas Edison made 1000 light bulbs before he found one that works. That means he FAILED 1000 times. We all fail to do something every day of our lives, but we learn from that. Think about when you learned to drive a car. How many times did you stall the car? But you learned from this didn’t you?

So as with anything in life, you just have to push on. When you want to start bodybuilding, you will make mistakes, but just continue.

2 - Trying to be too perfect

Believe it or not, but some of us are afraid to begin something because we are scared that it won’t be as we anticipated. This means we don’t even start something because we have this perfect image of what success should be and we somehow know we won’t realize this perfect dream. Strange thing is that when we don’t even try we won’t even see any success. And most successful people who do start are very surprised because what they achieved is far more superior than they could have imagined in the first place!

If you want to be a successful bodybuilder, do not compare yourself to Jay cutler or Ronnie Coleman thinking that you will never achieve what they have. This is the perfect example of trying to be too perfect. How can you know without trying? Just go for it!

3 - Fear of success

This is a strange one…what does it mean when we are afraid of being successful? Isn’t that what we want to achieve? I myself struggle with this particular fear from time to time. What is means is that I’m afraid that when the day comes that I am successful I will have to live up to the hype. I will have to spend all my time on my success. I will have no life other than keeping up the dream. But this is not true. We need to realize that when you do get success you will have learned how to deal with being successful and it will come naturally. You won’t have to make an extra effort.

4 - Fear of rejection

Having a fear that people close to you will reject you once you have money and fame is a sure way to  hold many people back from going for their dreams. We grow up to believe that rich people are snobs and successful people won’t have time for us. Thus we cling to the false belief that once we become successful people will reject us. This is not true, as we gain success we will become more confident and people are drawn to confident people. We all want to learn from successful people do we not?

5 - Fear of authority

This is one of my biggest challenges personally. People with authority can cripple your ambitions and motivation when trying to be successful. Parents sometimes just don’t understand that you need to follow your own path to be happy. They constantly worry about what you do and want to play it safe. Unfortunately when you want to be successful you will have to take risks. There is a great fear when anyone with authority tries to dictate you life and how you should live it. You think that you will be punished or rejected. But this is your choice. To combat the fear of authority you will have to improve your self-belief in yourself and your confidence. Knowing that you will succeed and believing in yourself is the only way.

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