Where do bodybuilders get their motivation from?

 Where do bodybuilders get their motivation from?

There are 2 interesting types of people in this world that needs constant motivation to succeed. They are bodybuilders and successful business people. Without motivation they would have never succeeded to become rich or super big. But what is their driving force? What makes them continue to push on against everyone’s judgement?

Why do we do what we do?

We have been raised as children to obey our parents. Every day, year after year we have been told what to do and how to live. Even when you go to school you have to do what the teacher wants you to do. In the work place – same rule. Do what the boss tells you to do. Think about it for a while, you always do what you should in order not to get into trouble. You even act a certain way around your wife or friends as to not offend them at any moment.

What happens when we live like this?

So what exactly happens when we continue to do what others tell us to do? The answer is rebellion. As children we always rebel against our parents, we never want to clean our room, never want to do what they do. The work place is a typical example. You cannot throw a fit or else you might get fired. So you rebel in a different way. You become lazy and you stop caring about what you do. You lose your passion for live and just live day by day trying to survive. This is also the number one reason why most people stop going to gym. They do not actually want to gym; they do it because a friend/parent told them they should lose weight.

You do not need to do anything

Did you know? You do not have to do anything. I’m being serious. You do not have to pay bills and you do not have to listen to anyone. You have a choice to do this or not. You do not have to work. You can basically just go and sit in a forest and do NOTHING. The world won’t stop and you won’t die.

Where do bodybuilders get their motivation from?

Once you realize this, everything changes. Suddenly you understand that you can choose what to do. And when you want to do something yourself you automatically get motivation. When you want to do bodybuilding yourself you will do it 100%. When you want to become rich and successful you will follow that dream no matter what. No longer are you living someone else’s dream, but you are living your own.

Bodybuilder dream

This is the key to becoming successful and the reason why most successful bodybuilders and business people succeed. They do it for themselves and no-one else. They do not try to impress anyone or make a point. They chose to do what they do and this gives them super motivation.

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