Workout time management for shorter workout sessions

 Workout time management for shorter workout sessions

How many times have you found yourself wasting time thinking about going to gym, walking up and down the house planning to go and ending up calling a friend to find out if they want to come along? Before you know it you have wasted an hour or more just to find energy to go to the gym. Then when you finally do get to gym you don’t know what exercise to do and just end up moving from one exercise to the next. This happens to so many people and it’s because they do not know what time management is and how to use it for their workouts.

Workout time management for shorter workout sessions

You can dramatically cut your workout time with the proper time management skills and have so much more free time to do anything you like. Bodybuilding time management

Preparing to go to the gym

Before you actually go to the gym you need to prepare for it. You cannot just go to the gym now and then and expect to see any results. In order to save the most amount of time you will need to know exactly what it is you are going to do at the gym for that specific day. Start a workout journal and plan your routine in advance. Set a time each day that you will go to the gym and what you will be doing. This stops you from wasting time wondering if you should go to the gym or not, because now you have a plan to follow and when you get to the gym you will know exactly what to do.

Work on your priorities in the gym

Once you managed to get to the gym it’s no time to chat up friends and waste time. Follow your journal and do your most important exercise first. This is usually the most difficult one. Move down your list one by one until you’re done. You will be surprises how fast a workout session can be. In fact it should not be longer than 45 minutes.

Analyze your workout schedule

At the end of your routine, see how well you did. Did you stop and chat too much, waste time waiting for a machine to open up? Had to stop because you felt too exhausted? You might have to adjust your workout plan to work around these problems. Only you know what works best for you.

If you stick to your workout plan, you will notice how much faster workout sessions can be and you will see great results. Remember working out if not about how much time you spend in the gym, it’s about intensity. Most people cut their workout times from 4-5 hours down to 1-2 hours when they effectively manage their workout time schedules ( This includes the time going to gym ,workout out and going back home )

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