A million shades of reality

Today, on the way to the office, I was driving in absolute silence. I didn’t want to listen to anything other than the engine running. And somehow I focused more on the road and observing the world around me. It is especially interesting to do this while waiting for a green signal at a traffic light. On one of them, on the sidewalk to my right, a tree with beautiful yellow leaves appeared. They fell from the branches into free flight under the gusts of wind and moved chaotically over the road with frozen cars and people hurrying somewhere. I don't know if any of the drivers noticed this amazing flight, but it felt so easy for me, as if I myself had turned into a falling leaf, caught in the wind. And that's when I realized how much we are missing.

A million shades of reality

In a state of constant multitasking, we sacrifice our most important wealth - concentration. We have ceased to perceive reality in all its fantastic depth, instead we are trying to cram ourselves into so many things, into so many flows of information and every second communication with so many people that God forbid not to spend a single second of our life. This is the most dangerous delusion - an attempt to accommodate more filling in one unit of time. Thus, we sacrifice the quality of our life for the sake of ghostly “productivity”.

“The ability to concentrate on a single session for many hours is a skill that is increasingly rare in our mobile-online era. But it is precisely this skill that is required for an intellectual, creative, or spiritual breakthrough. The future belongs to those who develop immunity to technological attention traps and retain the ability to concentrate for a long time.  Pavel Durov.

In Zen Buddhism, there are hundreds of sayings about doing one thing at a time, completely surrendering to this business, immersed in it. For example, here is one parable

“Zen teachers often tell their students an ancient parable about a student washing a dirty cup in a basin. The teacher asks him what he is doing, and he replies that he thinks about the fragrant freshly brewed tea that he will drink after washing the dishes. The teacher explains to the student that from the point of view of Zen principles, this is wrong. “If you wash the dishes, that's what you need to think about,” he exclaims. You should feel the water flowing over your fingers, the bristles of the brush, the smooth sides of the cup. The disciple asks him how the mere thought of a cup of fragrant tea can do any harm here. “Because,” the teacher explains to him, “when you drink tea, sipping it in small sips, you’ll think about how soft your pillow is, about how you’ll sleep on it sweetly when you finish drinking tea and go to bed. Learn to enjoy every present moment of your life as it is. And when you drink tea, think about tea! 

Now, as I write this text, music is playing in my headphones. Can I appreciate it if I am busy writing the text Not. Music in this case is nothing more than noise. Maybe then it is better to listen to the noise  Or listen to music instead of writing

Many people are calling to be in the now moment. And this is the best thing to advise. In addition, you need to direct your attention to one object, to one thing, to one person in order to feel this very moment. The simplest experiment is to turn on your favorite music album, preferably with headphones, sit in a comfortable chair and try not to think about anything, but immerse yourself in listening to music. Catch every note, feel every instrument, absorb the energy of the people who created this album. If you manage to listen to the entire album without being distracted by thoughts or other activities - I can congratulate you! It's so cool to enjoy every track, find something new with every listen, get real pleasure from the music. What about a book, a movie, chatting or washing dishes Will be able to repeat this experience.

A million shades of reality

It became unpleasant for me to watch people waste their (and other people's) time trying to do a bunch of things at once and mix up completely incompatible things. Watching a movie and eating. Chatting and commenting on news on the Internet. Listening to music and working. Driving a car and talking on a mobile. Why not do one thing at a time I understand that this sounds strange, but if the task requires you to act on a continuous basis (reading a book, for example), why try to do something else beyond that (for example, eat) You downgrade several cases at once. But if you are preparing food that does not require continuous attention from you, then it is quite possible to combine this with cleaning. In such a situation, I do not see anything wrong, since these are actually sequential actions, not simultaneous ones.

To enjoy the business, you need to learn to value not only your time, but also yourself. You need to learn to love yourself - then you simply cannot lower the quality of this or that activity, be it reading, listening to music, writing texts or creating design. You will immerse yourself completely and completely in the moment now, enjoying the state of concentration and feeling the multifaceted taste of reality.

The universe created us with eyes, ears and nose. They are imperfect, but even in their existing form, these senses can give us a huge amount of information about the world around us. We can take an apple, smell it, feel the unevenness of the surface, bite off a piece and, chewing thoroughly, marvel at the richness of the taste. What about any musical instrument, street, sunset, morning fog and starry sky We have been given the opportunity to see, hear, touch, smell and comprehend, putting the most vivid impressions in memory so that we can return to them in the future. Our brain is unique. We are unique. Let us not devalue ourselves, turning into autumn leaves, soaring under the gusts of wind here and there.

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