Adjusting Your Priorities

 Adjusting Your Priorities

Yesterday, I was heading to happy hour with a friend, when an Altima zoomed past me in the rain. The fact that the driver was speading didn’t give me pause; I was perplexed because it had TVs in it.

Adjusting Your Priorities

An Altima…. with TVs….

The first thing that came to mind was how people prioritize wrong (for real though – TVs in an Altima??). Now you may be saying that TVs are a bad choice in the first place (or you may have just watched the TVs in your car while driving home from work), but putting them in a car like that seems backwards to me. That’s probably a result of the driver putting his priorities in the wrong order.

In a more commonplace example, we sometimes prioritize for our goals incorrectly too. I might say I want to meet a new guy, or save money – but continue to attend free events that the type of man I’m looking for doesn’t attend, or continue to spend money on clothes that aren’t necessities. There are lots of different ways that we all prioritize incorrectly, so lets look at some ways where we can prioritize correctly.

Decide what’s most important

This first step is a subjective one. What I hold as important will not be the same as what you deem to be most important. In my Altima example, clearly the owner and I have different defintions of what’s important. And thats totally ok. Your goals are the end points of what you desire, and to me, life is about enjoying the pursuit of those desires. So I won’t find happiness in pursuing your goals, and you won’t find fulfillment in mine. As long as you pursue goals that are important to you, and that don’t cause detriment to you or someone else, then you should feel confident in your choices. Don’t allow anyone else’s judgment to affect the level of importance you assign to a goal. Just as we shouldn’t try to influence the level of importance that others assign to their goals (myself included. So my apologies, Altima TV guy – I needed a compelling example for this post).

Adjusting Your Priorities

Keep an eye on the big picture

Once you have ranked your goals by level of importance, you should determine how these goals fit together or conflict with each other, and how the time period you’ve assigned for their attainment will work together. For instance, if you’re 25 and your goals are to get an MBA and get married before you turn 30, you’ll realize that you have to make certain sacrifices to stay on top of your coursework while making time for a social life that will include meeting new men. This will also prevent you from blowing your budget on winter boots when you’re saving for a new car (with TVs in it…lol) or from making too many Youtube videos when you should be working out.

Be honest about your limitations

You may be the type of person that thrives on being busy, or you may be the type that gets overwhelmed by multi-tasking. You need to be honest with yourself about which one you are. I used to thrive on being busy – the more I had to do, the more time I found in which to reach my goals. But I’m finding that the older I get, I don’t have the stamina to pursue 5 goals at a time or the desire to go out more than twice a week. So knowing these things, I have to take account of my idiosyncracies when prioritizing my goals and setting timelines for their completion.

Hopefully, by following this strategy, you’ll reach the goals you really want, in a manner that allows the greatest enjoyment possible. As I keep saying, the journey is more important than the destination, so arrive in a way that works for you.

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