anti celluite, At War With Celluite

 At War With Celluite

It is sneaky, it is stubborn and for most women it is private enemy number one. Cellulite is nobody's friend. If you have proclaimed death to all butt and thigh dimples, read on to discover what will ban the blight - and what won't.

Victoria Berry and Elizabeth Clow are confidant, intelligent, accomplished women. Berry, 27, is a journalist from Guelph, Ontario and Clow, 32, works in the Toronto high-tech industry. You wouldn't think that they would be concerned with cellulite, but both women, like a lot of us in North America, can easily tell you when they first noticed flaws on their body.

anti celluite,  At War With Celluite

The first time I became aware of cellulite, I saw it on my mom and aunts, Berry says. It didn't have any negative connotation to it until after puberty when my friends and I became more aware of our bodies. I guess at about 17 I noticed the first bit on my own body.

I noticed sometime around birth, Clow smirks. I was much more concerned about the way I looked when I was younger, due mostly to the fact that I lived on Prince Edward Island where wearing a bathing suit on the street is completely normal. If you expose that much skin that often, you start to notice your looks a little more.

More than 80 percent of Western women believe that they have cellulite. It's the lumpy, bumpy skin usually found around thighs, buttocks and knees. But is cellulite any different than other body fat

What causes cellulite

The term cellulite is actually not a medical one. In fact, it was originally coined by spas, salons and the beauty industry, says Evangelia Papadimitriou, a fitness specialist with Ryerson University in Toronto. Cellulite is plain old ordinary fat that has caused a dimpling effect by the way in which it lies in or between the connective tissue of the skin, she explains.

Everyone stores fat in particular areas, determined by genetics. Women generally store more fat in their thighs and bottoms, which results in plumper or larger fat cells in that region. When fat cells push up against the connective tissue, dimpling occurs.

Is there a cure for cellulite

There are all kinds of products and procedures that claim to eliminated the pesky lumps. Marta Johnston is an esthetician who owns a home-based practice in Toronto. She offers her clients body wraps and massages, that she believes decrease the appearance of cellulite. The wrap cleanses the body of toxins that can collect as we age, she explains. An improper diet, lack of exercise, smoking and stress create a build-up of metabolic waste.

Johnston says that every cell in the body is surrounded by lymphatic fluids, which protect and flush out the cells. When we have too many environmental poisons in the body, our body automatically increases the amount of fluid surrounding the cells in an attempt to dilute them. When the fluid increases around the cells in the body, it gradually causes the body to swell up and cellulite to appear.

anti celluite,  At War With Celluite

When the fluid is drawn out, the space between the cells where the fluids and toxins were, is compacted and compressed by the wraps, contouring and reshaping the body, she claims. But Papadimitriou doesn't believe there is such a thing as reducing inches or fat from one area of the body. In her opinion, the only way to get rid of cellulite is with a proper diet and exercise program.

Usually, a regular cardiovascular and weight training regimen can help decrease the size of fat cells by burning more calories and, in turn, burning more fat, Papadimitrou says. Spot reduction does not work. When one loses fat they lose it all over the body and not in one area, like many would hope.

A nutritious and balanced diet, which is low in fat, is also important for decreasing your percentage of body fat. However, some women distribute most of their fat in the outer fat layers, which means it is closer to the skin, making it more visible. This is strictly up to genetics, so there is not much that can be done to change it. In this instance, exercise and diet may only do so much.

It takes about a minute to get used to the idea of people looking and judging me - and then I remember that the world revolves around the sun and not me - and I get in the water and have a bit of horseplay.

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