Cause High Cholesterol

 The Most Prominent Causes for Excessively High Cholesterol

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website, 33.5 percent of American adults suffer from high levels of bad cholesterol. This bad cholesterol, medically known as LDL, results in myriad illnesses and hinders quality of life. Understanding the causes of high cholesterol is crucial in curtailing its devastating effects. Luckily, adjusting your diet and behaviors works wonders. Simply knowing the causes of high LDL is half the battle.

Cause High Cholesterol


The famous dictum you are what you eat is especially true when it comes to cholesterol. Cholesterol comes from animal sources (meat, eggs, dairy, etc.) in your diet. However, not all animal sources are equal. Some foods contain trans fats, which raise the level of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) in your bloodstream. Heavily processed foods, fried foods and hydrogenated oils are the worst offenders in this regard.

Weight and Lifestyle

Obesity is another cause of high cholesterol. Living a sedentary lifestyle, packing on the pounds and overeating often result in raised levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) and diminished good cholesterol (HDL). Patients who change their habits and engage in active lifestyles see the effects of these choices when their cholesterol levels are checked.

Demographic Factors

Gender and age also play a role in cholesterol levels. Women tend to have less LDL in their bloodstream throughout life. This makes men preternaturally inclined toward high cholesterol. But both genders are equal when it comes to aging men and women both experience increased risk with each passing year. By the age of 55, men and women are equally susceptible to increased bad cholesterol.

Genetic Factors

Another cause of high cholesterol is genetics. Just as your father and mother passed down their looks, they also pass their genetic predisposition to elevated cholesterol. Those whose family members suffer with high cholesterol are more likely to suffer themselves. It is not possible to change your genes, but modifying behaviors helps overcome congenital cholesterol problems.

Though the problem of high cholesterol is complex and multifaceted, the causes are decidedly not. In most cases, the issue of high cholesterol comes down to decisions. Diet is a reflection of human choice, as is (to some degree) weight. Avoiding trans fats, staying active and making healthy decisions attack high cholesterol by removing its root causes.

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