day to day diet plan for weight loss

 Choosing A Weight Loss Plan That Gets You Results

Probably one of the biggest problems that people have when trying to choose a suitable weight loss plan is they start plucking any old diet from a magazine or website and just gong full tilt into it, without a second thought.

Now you’re more than likely going to fail with a random diet plan because you haven’t set any clear guidelines for what you want. Your mind is so engrossed in losing weight that you don’t stop to consider the outcome.

day to day diet plan for weight loss

Planning is essential, you’re in a much better position if you plan before you start. So with that said… let’s start planning. Here are some very important questions that need to be answered before choosing a weight loss plan, make sure you take note.

How much weight do you want to lose?

The number of people who don’t know how much weight they want to lose is really quite shocking. Before anything else you must have a firm number in your head. To do this, simply take your current body weight and your desired body weight, then take the figure in between. Easy.

Write it down and put it everywhere, commit yourself to losing that EXACT number of lbs or whatever metric you prefer.

How much time do you have?

You need to set some time aside for two things, first is exercise on a daily basis or at least three times per week at high intensity intervals. Second is the overall time you give yourself to lose the weight, so how many weeks/months basically. The best way to set a time frame is by monitoring your progress in three month cycles.

You can weigh yourself weekly and see at a glance, how well you are doing.

Is there a balance?

It’s quite crucial to look for a balance between diet and exercise. With the right plan you should be getting a decent amount of nutrients and minerals on a daily basis. Also your workouts should be making you sweat, if they don’t then you’re not pushing yourself hard enough. The reason why you should be pushing yourself is simple, you’ll burn a lot more fat at a faster rate.

Are you creating your own or using a pre-made plan?

Creating your own plan would seem the best way to go because it’s custom to you, however some people prefer following a pre-made program. If you choose the pre-made route, then you must research the person or company in-depth before starting. Are they credible? Do they have a track record? Are there any case studies or testimonials of people who have successfully lost weight with them? Etc.

What’s the cost?

Set aside a budget for how much you want to spend that will cover food, learning and exercising costs. For example you may decide to sign up at the gym which is a monthly subscription, the healthy food you buy weekly can add up so needs to be budgeted for and learning about the best way to keep your weight off will also require you to invest in other material.

day to day diet plan for weight loss

A note about learning: Never think you’re wasting money on learning about weight loss, because you’re not. It only becomes a waste of money if you don’t use the information you are learning.

Avoid the quick fix and focus on the long term

Listen, if you’re over weight then it’s going to take time to lose weight. You should consider the above factors and how committed you are. Some people achieve their goals in only a couple of months, whilst others take a lot longer, some don’t even reach their fat loss goals at all.

You will be tempted to quit, but don’t. 99% of the weight loss plans you see out there today, both free and paid actually DO WORK. But people hop from one to the other within days of trying them because they are bored or thought it wasn’t working. So stop whining and get started!

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