Do You Know How Short Life Is?

You’re over there being scared, straddling the fence, not knowing if you should follow your heart or play it safe, and all the while time is ticking away. Do you know that tomorrow is not promised? Do you know that one day you’re not going to wake up?

I hate to get all morbid on you, but today I came to work and found out that a beloved coworker passed away a few days ago. He was nice, super friendly, and genuinely liked people. This was a guy who was definitely motivated to reach his dreams. He and I talked a few times about our aspirations, his family, his goals, and the end results he was working toward. He proudly showed me pictures of his infant son and his wife, and we all supported him when he lost his parents. And now he’s gone.

Do You Know How Short Life Is?

What happens to dreams when a person dies? Are they expelled from the body, like air from your lungs? Or do they wither and recede into the silent and still corners in your brain? You can’t leave them to someone else in your will. They’ll be buried with you. Meanwhile, all the reasons  you haven’t reached them yet – the ministries you serve on at church that take up your free time and disposable income, the hours you spend in front of the TV, your mother’s disapproval, the financial worries, the insecurities, the analysis paralysis – these will all outlive you. When you’re in your eternal resting place it will be too late to start. We only get one life yet most of us fiddle it away mindlessly. 

Do you want this to happen to you? When you’re lying there, taking your last few breaths, what do you want to feel about your life? That you gave it your all, everything you had, and lived to the fullest? Or that you have so many things you wish you could have done, didn’t have time to do, would have done differently… or that you worked so hard for others and didn’t get the chance to truly live… or that you constantly lived in your head, afraid to just be, that time just slipped through your fingers?

All we have is today. Right now. This moment. We can’t go back and change the past, and sitting there worrying about the future is wasting the time you have right now. How are you using your time? How will your life unfold? Only you can answer that, but you’ve got to wake up first. While you still can.

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