does oatmeal really help lower cholesterol

 how much does oatmeal lower cholesterol

Can eating oatmeal lower your cholesterol Can it be that easy Keeping your cholesterol levels in proper balance is important to your overall health. High cholesterol levels have been linked to various health issues, including atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries). If left untreated this can lead to a heart attack and, in some cases, death. But, if you could eat one dish and make a big difference, then why wouldn't you. Let's take a look to see if oatmeal can lower your cholesterol.

does oatmeal really help lower cholesterol

What is Oatmeal?

It is more than the Quaker oats in the box that you can nuke. It is mainly a breakfast cereal. Call it porridge, muesli, or ground oats. It is all lumped together as oatmeal. It is a complex carbohydrate that is slowly absorbed into the body. The sugars are released at a slow and steady rate. It can help keep your body supplied with energy for a long time.

How is Oatmeal useful in controlling Cholesterol?

Because oatmeal is a soluble fiber it is extremely useful. It dissolves in water and creates a thick paste. This helps reduce cholesterol in two ways. It slows down the absorption of LDL in the body. Oatmeal also travels slowly throughout the body. It attaches to the bile acids that contain LDL. It passes through the colon and is excreted.

How Much Fiber do I Need?

The average adult needs 25 grams of fiber per day. The average adult only eats about 15 grams of fiber per day. You should aim to double your daily intake of fiber each day.

But, Oatmeal is only for Breakfast, Right?

You are missing out on a lot if you think like that. Oatmeal is good throughout the whole day. Add it to casseroles and soups. Add it to breadcrumbs when using them as a topping. Try this take away  of the flour you use in a recipe and substitute it with oats. It will taste delicious and be heart healthy.

Is all Oatmeal Good?

Not all oatmeal is created equal. The oatmeal cookies on the store shelf, might seem like a healthy choice.

Read the label before you put them in your cart. Check the amount of soluble fat, that will be the judge of the better choice.

Is Oatmeal the Only Food that Fights Cholesterol?

No. Oatmeal is one of many foods that works in fighting the woes of cholesterol. It is not about the specific food itself, but the compounds within the food that make the difference. Remember it is the soluble fiber in oatmeal that makes it an effective tool on this front. Polyunsaturated fats, Omega-3 fatty acids and foods with stanols are also good at fighting cholesterol.

So, we have asked the age-old question Can Oatmeal lower Cholesterol Oatmeal is a heart healthy food that will help in your fight against cholesterol. You might want to check the ingredients you are adding to your oatmeal. Skip the butters and creams, whole milk and cheeses. If you are eating instant oatmeal, check the ingredients to make sure it is not loaded up on sugars and fats to make sure you are getting the full benefits of oatmeal's power.

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