foods with low cholesterol levels

 The Low Down on Low Cholesterol Foods

Health and self-care should be a number one priority in everyone's life. Keeping cholesterol numbers in check can play a major role in heart health. Everyone knows that keeping HDL levels high and LDL levels low is important, but the difficult part can be knowing how to do this. A heart healthy diet is a major contributor to cholesterol levels. Use the links below to create a grocery list that will keep your cholesterol where it should be.

foods with low cholesterol levels

Mayo Clinic

The Mayo Clinic is one of the nation's leaders in providing medical research. This list contains the top five foods to lower cholesterol. Fatty fish are near the top of this list for their high levels of omega-3 fatty acids. This list not only contains what foods you should eat, but why each is helpful along with the proper serving size. See Mayo Clinic

Live Strong

Live Strong provides a meta-list, with links to different articles for lowering cholesterol. Some of the lists contain foods that you should have on your plate every day, such as fruit salad and lean chicken. Another list contains many of the foods you should be avoiding if you want to lower your cholesterol, such as butter and fatty cuts of meat. See Live Strong

Everyday Health

Everyday Health offers a slideshow to assist in getting a handle on high cholesterol numbers. This list expresses that diet can play a major role in cholesterol health, but some people may need additional lifestyle and medication changes to bring cholesterol to healthy levels. Found on many other lists, green tea and olive oil are highly rated here. See Everyday Health

Laurel on Health Food

In addition to exercise and stress-lowering activities, Laurel recommends a whole food and plant-based diet to help reduce high cholesterol levels. Going beyond a simple list of foods you should incorporate into your diet, this list contains links to recipes for each item as well. Adding leafy greens to your diet will be easy with a delicious recipe for Kale Avocado Salad. See Laurel on Heath Food


WebMD is a well-known Internet destination to answer health related questions. Beyond the Symptom Checker, this link provides a huge resource of cholesterol management. Super helpful is the Heart Healthy Grocery Shopping List. Just print the list, highlight your favorite items, and head to the grocery store. See WebMD

Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the United States. Some studies have shown a correlation between cholesterol levels and heart health. Keep your heart healthy by packing your diet with foods from the lists above.

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