goal setting vision board

 Time To Update Your Vision Board

Don’t you just love vision boards? I’ve only made 3 and feel that they’re a great way for a visual person to keep their ‘eyes on the prize’. But even if you’re not a visual person, you’ll derive alot of benefit from making one. Vision boards are fun to make and because they’re so personalized they can net powerful results for you.  

goal setting vision board

What is a vision board?

So first of all, what is a vision board? A vision board is board, as big as a wall or as small as a sheet of paper, that you adorn with pictures and words that make you feel good. Remember when you were a teenager, and you cut pictures out of magazines, collected photos of you and your friends, bought posters of your favorite stars and plastered them all over your walls? Well, this is the same concept. Those pictures made you happy and made you feel good, and this is no different than that. Those of us who utilize the law of attraction use vision boards to focus on the goals, dreams and desires we intend to manifest in our lives. That visual reinforcement helps a person to build a burning desire for that goal and stay focused on what it is they want, instead of being focused on what their current state.  

The key to success with a vision board is actually using it! Display your vision board in a prominent place, that you’re sure to see it everyday. You should also visualize what it will be like, once you attain the things you are gazing at on your board. And really get into it – you should feel like you are in possession of that thing. One of my vision boards is actually in a notebook because I felt hesitant to display the board when I had a roommate. It was also a way to gaze at my vision during the day – when at work, on the train, or before a movie.  

If you feel hesitant at first, thats ok. The more you look at your vision board and visualize your goals, the more comfortable you’ll be with the process. And if you feel like looking at the pictures and reading the words are a waste of time, then you’re missing the point. The whole point of a vision board is for you to see your goals, create that burning desire to attain them, and promote the belief that the things you desire will manifest in your life. If you feel like this is a fantasy, that you won’t reach your dreams, well then you should work on your limiting beliefs first before you create one.  

How to create your vision board ?

Shanel’s instructions:   

Over the past few weeks I’ve had people all over the world creating their VISION BOARDS! First off… If you made one, I’M PROUD OF YOU. If you’re making or planning on making one, I’M PROUD OF YOU! KEEP GOING!

I wanted to elaborate a little to help you FINE TUNE your board. I don’t want people just making vision boards with a bunch of random pictures and quotes on them that have no meaning… then you look up a year later and NOTHING has transpired from your board. So here are STEP BY STEP instructions to create a POWER AND IMPACTFUL vision board to really help you CREATE THE LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS!

Tools you need: Large colored construction paper or board. Glue stick. Magazines- (Forbes, essence, “O” Mag, Health, Money and Black Enterprise ect.) Pen and Paper.

Before you get started… Sit down and ask yourself “What do I want?” Make 2 columns on a piece of paper and label it “Right Now” and “Long Term.” Under “right now”, think about the MATERIAL things you desire to have in your life TODAY… Example:

I want to earn $4,000 in monthly income.

I want to release 10 pounds and flatten my tummy.

I want to buy a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes that cost $800.

I want to take an acting class.

I want to buy a new car before winter (A new Camery)

I want to begin to date new people and increase my social life.

I want to take a trip to Jamaica this fall. ETC.

Now- you must have a DEADLINE to acquire these things! So next to each one write the date you intend to make those things happen!

Long term, think about the BIG PICTURE of your life:

I want to acquire $1,000,000 over the next 5 years.

I want to live in a 6 bedroom house on the beach in Miami.

I want to marry the man of my dreams (describe IN DETAIL the man of your dreams)

I want a Bentley and a Range Rover.

I want to open my own hair salon.

I want to fund a Ministry and open a church.

I want to loose 100 pounds and create a lean, healthy vibrant body.

I want to be an Oscar Award Winning actress.

I want to go to the NBA.

I want to be a Doctor.

I want to take a trip to Egypt.

I want to be a guest on the Oprah Winfrey show. (NOW Lots of people put pictures of Oprah on their boards… be specific about what it is about her… You want to BE LIKE her, BE A GUEST, and AUDIENCE MEMBER… HAVE $ like her, MEET her BE SPECIFIC!!!)

I want to be financially free.

I want to have an extravagant wedding. ETC.

You need to have a deadline for your long term things as well… so next to each write: 1 YEAR, 10 YEARS, 6 MONTHS ETC.

goal setting vision board

Now: Flip through the magazines and clip out pictures and phrases that represent those things that you listed on paper. So a picture of a body you want to create, a big house, picture of a Camery or a Bentley, picture of a doctor, a wedding ring, picture of the beach, picture of money ECT..


F. ollow

O. n

C. ourse

U. ntil

S. uccessful

Now: In the middle of your board place the picture of you and all of the encouraging quotes around it. (This should separate your board into 2 sections.) On the left… post up all of your “RIGHT NOW” visions in order of importance… So most important start at the top. On the right hand side of your board, post up all of your “LONG TERM” visions in order of importance. Then randomly place pictures of yourself in between the magazine pictures.

SO- when you look at your board there is order and structure so you can actually SEE WHAT YOUR ARE WORKING TOWARDS EVERY DAY! As you go along…check off the things that you have accomplished! Then replace it with something new that you want.

FINALLY: After posting your board… yes you will have a great since of accomplishments and you will feel good about your dreams… but MOTIVATION IS LIKE BATHING… IT’S RECOMENDED DAILY! So you need to create your PERSONAL MISSION STATEMENT!

A personal mission statement is for you to remind yourself what you are working towards EVERYDAY! It should be memorized and repeated twice daily. SO- Stand in front of your vision board every morning and every night and review your dreams. Then read out loud your personal mission statement.

Examples of a powerful mission statement: “I am in the process of creating the life of my dreams. I am committed to excellence and greatness and will accept nothing less than that. My goal is to become a doctor and empower people of this generation to be healthy and physically well. I am working everyday to achieve my goal and live within my purpose. I will only engage in activities that add value to my life and are in alignment with my goals. I am on a mission to be one of this generations greatest doctors! I am POWERFUL”

OR you can keep it simple and general…

“I am in the process of making my life better than it has been for the past 20 years. I am going to eat better, get more rest, drink more water and smile more. I will save more money and learn how to be financially savvy so I can one day be financially free. I will tell my family and loved ones how much I appreciate them today. I am an amazing woman and God has a purpose for my life. Today I will take a step towards that purpose. I will not live in fear, as I have extreme faith and I know that everything that has happened in my life thus far is shaping the amazing life that I am preparing myself to live. I am POWERFUL”

OR… I will earn $4,000 in monthly income. I will give use my God given gifts talents and abilities to acquire that amount of money. I will use that money to get my financial issues out of the way as I am building my company and I will one day earn more than $15,000 per month from my business this time next year. I will work out 3 days a week to increase my energy and I will take a class to sharpen my skills as I am building my life. By December 2013, I will have acquired $500,000, purchased my dream home, marry the love of my life and take a vacation every 2 months because I deserve it. I am POWERFUL!

MEMORIZE YOUR PERSONAL MISSION STATEMENT! So as you go through your day- if something is distracting you- or you get frustrated or overwhelmed… repeat it to yourself OUTLOUD then re-align your thoughts and actions with your mission!

I CHALLENGE YOU TO DO THIS FOR 30 DAYS STRAIGHT! I guarantee you see results in your life IMMEDIATELY! As you are taking this challenge… INCREASE YOUR PRAYER… and decrease distractions i.e. TV, radio, partying, gossiping, unnecessary sleeping, doing nothing on the internet. CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU FOR STEPPING INTO THE REALM OF BEING EXTRAORDINARY!

There is more about VISION AND PURPOSE in my book “STILETTOS IN THE KITCHEN” available at www.stilettosinthekitchen.com


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