how much soluble fiber to lower cholesterol

Fiber To Lower Cholesterol

Extensives studies show that dietary fiber can help lower cholesterol levels, but getting fiber into your diet can be tough. There are so many choices out there in terms of diet, it can seem like work to find the right foods. In all reality, getting extra fiber into your diet is much easier than you probably think. These few questions and answers will alert you to a few things that you can do in order to sneak in a little extra fiber and lower your cholesterol at the same time.

how much soluble fiber to lower cholesterol

Do You Eat Colorful Foods

Your diet should have a lot of color to it, but make sure that you keep it as natural as possible. Most fruits and vegetables have high levels of fiber to lower cholesterol. If you eat the recommended amount of daily fruits and vegetables, you will quickly realize how easy it is to get your daily-recommended amount of fiber at the same time.

Have You Tried Whole Grains

Take a look at whole grains too. While it is not always true, you will find whole grain food items tend to have much higher levels of fiber than their non-whole grain counterparts. One example is whole wheat pasta. If you choose whole-wheat noodles over normal pasta noodles, you can ingest as many as five grams more fiber per serving.

If you can't stand the skins on your fruit and vegetables, try making smoothies instead of eating the fruit raw. Smoothies taste great and they contain more fruits that most people do not want to eat plain. As a result, you get the nutritional value of them all without the taste.

Do You Read Labels

It seems like a simple notion, but it is surprising how many people don't know how to actually read the labels on foods. Before you eat anything, take a look at the label. The label lists all of the important nutritional information, and fiber content is one of them. Pay attention to other important details such as serving size, fat content, and calories too.

Are Your Peeling Fruits and Vegetables?

As stated earlier, you need to add fruits and vegetables into your diet to increase your level of fiber. However, you might still miss out on all of that fiber if you peel the skins off of the fruit. The reason is that most of the fiber from fruit is located in the skin. This means that if you skin or peel a piece of fruit, you lose most of the fiber. It is necessary to peel the skin off of some fruits no matter what. That is ok. Just eat the skin whenever possible.

What About Fiber Supplements?

If you find it nearly impossible to get all your fiber in for the day, you can consider adding a fiber supplement to your routine. Most researchers say that the supplements contain more fiber than you truly need, but you should not use them as an alternative to a healthy, high-fiber diet.

To most, fiber seems to be elusive and nearly impossible to fit into diets. However, you need to eat fiber to lower cholesterol and to experience its other health benefits like better gastrointestinal health. Increase the amount of fruit, vegetables, and whole grains you eat. With the additional tips in this article, you have all the information you need to add fiber to your diet without too much extra work.

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